‘The Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) Spoilers Week Of August 24: Nick and Sage Get Married In Chancellor Park

'The Young and the Restless' (Y&R) Spoilers Week Of August 24: Nick and Sage Get Married In Chancellor Park

“Y&R” fans had hoped they wouldn’t marry, but it is looking like Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Sage (Kelly Sullivan) will get hitched next week. And, this time we won’t see a big wedding, they will elope -if you want to call it that- to Chancellor Park to exchange vows.

Nick wanted to remove the stress of a big wedding from Sage. He wanted her to be able to relax and just worry about becoming a new mother soon. Sage was thrilled last week, when his mother, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) invited her lunch and shared her plans to throw her a baby shower in a few weeks. Sage was happy at the thought that her future mother in law may accept her as part of the family one day. When she told Nick the news, he was not so sure his mother’s motives were genuine. He told Sage not to feel hurt if his mother changes her tune about her soon. After all; he has spent his adult life listening to his mother bash each one of his ex-wives.

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Sage is a nervous wreck, but not for the reason Nick is thinking. She is anxiety because the Adam (Justin Hartley) secret is looming and she knows when it comes out she was the reason he survived her perfect life she created will be over. She knows when Nick finds out she helped Adam become Gabriel Bingham (Justin Hartley) he will leave her. Deep down, she knows he will not only leave her but sue her for full custody of his child.

Sage is a mysterious character that the writers have not revealed much about her except her involvement to help Adam. Is it possible she has a deeper darker secret than just helping Adam come back to Genoa City? When she was originally cast as Sage, the writers said she had secrets and was related to someone in Genoa City – that was not Adam. Fans wonder if the writers will ever reveal her connection to Genoa City. Do you think Sage will tell Nick she helped Adam? Will someone figure out she was the person who helped him? Will Nick leave her after he finds out she betrayed him?

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  1. barb says

    I think she is Nikkis niece. Casey’s daughter that Nikki doesn’t know of

  2. Heather Shaw says

    I think Barb might be right. I really never thought about that. The way the writers are working it is quite possible!

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