‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Nikki And Neil Share Passionate New Year’s Kiss – Hilary And Victor Freak Out

'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Nikki And Neil Share Passionate New Year's Kiss - Hilary And Victor Freak Out ‘The Young and The Restless’ (Y&R) spoilers indicate there’s a New Year’s shocker coming involving Nikki, Neil, Victor and Hilary that will set Genoa City tongues a wagging. It isn’t what it looks like, but it sure looks like something that will set off Victor Newman [Eric Braeden].

Admittedly it doesn’t take much to send Victor skittering off the rails in fury, but this time, he may have a legitimate gripe. So what happens? On New Year’s Eve, Neil Winters [Kristoff St John] locks lips with Nikki Newman [Melody Thomas Scott] in front of everyone in GC.

Why does Neil do this? Is he trying to get romantic with his sober buddy Nikki? Is Neil so put off by the split with Gwen Randall [Nadine Nicole] that he’s making desperate romantic overtures to the wife of the Mustache?

Actually, it’s not about Victor’s wife but Devon Hamilton’s [Bryton James] wife Hilary Curtis [Mishael Morgan]. Neil is trying to do the right thing and not hook up with Hilary even though she keeps throwing herself at him.

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And it is very tempting since Neil really does care about Hilary. However, he’s trying to be a good dad who cares about his son Devon more – and that means staying out of Hilary’s life and her bed. So what prompted the kiss between Nikki and Neil?

They were just hanging out because Nikki was worried that Neil was tempted to fall off the wagon. He seemed stressed out – which he is because of all the drama with Gwen, Devon, and Hilary. Nikki talks sobriety with Neil and he assures her that he’s stone cold sober.

He also adds that he’s not thinking of drinking – looks like the big temptation right now is what Hilary is offering. Neil and Nikki continue the small talk but then Neil spots Hilary looking for him. He desperately wants to avoid Hilary putting the moves on him again.

In a curious impulse, Neil smooches Nikki passionately to turn Hilary off. Problem is, not only does Hilary see, but so does Victor and he doesn’t like it. Worse yet, Victor assumes that Neil and Nikki are both boozing.

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Nikki won’t like Victor accusing her of falling back into drunkenness (although fans certainly love a liquored-up Nikki). But will Victor say something to make Nikki mad and offend her? It’s bad enough he’s been neck deep in business and ignoring her, but the accusations will make it worse.

So what’s the fallout from the Neil-Nikki kiss? Hilary will be upset, but will it make her more determined to win Neil or will she finally give up? Did Neil cross the line kissing his friend to drive away his son’s wife? Share your comments below.

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  1. Lauren says

    Although Nikki and Neil kissed, it doesn’t make it right what Neil is doing. He shouldn’t have done any of this period. Nikki will continue to let Victor berate her as usual. Money talks, and you know what else. Nikki is not going any where, at least not long enough, she always comes back to the Mustache.

  2. guest says

    that’s right Pratt shake things up give them something to talk about trust me they want stop watching its about time we have some excitement on this show who cares if she go back to Victor but its going to be fun to watching Victor get mad

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