‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers March 2: Victor Betrays Jack, Ashley is Suspicious, Jack Admits Sleeping With Kelly

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers March 2: Victor Betrays Jack, Ashley is Suspicious, Jack Admits Sleeping With Kelly

Last week was a great week of The Young and the Restless and next week is promising to have more drama, action, deceit and lies, I cannot wait.  On Monday March 2’s episode of YR Billy is getting closer to finding out who Gabriel is, Victor is scheming and playing two sides against the middle, Ashley is suspicious of Victor and a whole lot more.  Check out our nifty recap below to see what happens!

The March 2, 2015 episode of The Young and the Restless picks up at Jack’s house Chelsea [Melisaa Claire Egan] and Gabriel/Adam [Justin Hartley] are up, Gabriel/Adam asks Chelsea if he and Sage [Kelly Sullivan] are an imposition.  Even though Chelsea denies it, Gabe/Adam is getting weird vibes from Chelsea and asks  if he has done something to offend her . Chelsea responds she is worried she gave Sage the wrong impression, she thinks Sage might thing Gabiel/Adam has feelings for her .Billy [Burgess Jenkins] walks in and says, “Why would Sage think you have feelings  Chelsea, maybe because you are always spending time with her?” 

Summer [Hunter King] fell asleep in Kyle’s [Lachlan Buchanan] arms.  She wakes up and  says, “you stayed” Kyle replies, he was not leaving her alone with all that she has been through. Kyle tells her Austin [Mathew Atkison] is going to be OK ( does he know something?) Summer whines and says, “No he’s not I killed him!!”

Nick [Joshua Morrow] and Avery [Jessica Collins] are talking, he tells her the reporters are beating down his doors! The word is out about the building inspector warned Nick about the unstabe structure and was told that Nick ignored the warnings. Avery is surprised he would ignore warnings. Nick explains Austin never gave him the messages but when he finally got the last message he had the structure fixed! Nick explained, reporters don’t care about facts they want a story! Avery comments Nick had things fixed so there is no problem.  Nick is feeling guilt and says someone died it is my fault.

Ashley [Eileen Davidson] and Kelly [Cady McCalin] talk Ashley wants Kelly to leave Jack [Peter Bergman] alone. Kelly tells Ashley that she knows Jack and her made love.  Kelly does not understand how Jack could forget they made love? Ashley pleads with Kelly if she really cares about her brother leave him alone, he is recovering from a near death experience! Kelly agrees she will stay away from Jack if Ashley agrees to talk to him for her! Ashley FINALLY agrees to talk to him .

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers March 2: Victor Betrays Jack, Ashley is Suspicious, Jack Admits Sleeping With Kelly

Christine [Laura Lee Bell] and Paul [Doug Davidson} are at Crimson Lights Phyllis [Gina Tognoni] blows in and says “Slow day of crime?” Christine snaps “You are a dellusional bully.”

Christine is hateful continuously saying mean things to Phyllis. Christine finally tells Phyllis to enjoy it while it lasts because Jack and Victor will both see the light and turn against her.

Back at the hospital Jack and Victor [Eric Braeden] are going stir crazy they both want out of the hospital. While they wait Victor reminds Jack about the deal they made about working together to help Phyllis. Jack says, “Now that my brain is not in a fog anymore I don’t think that is such a good idea after all.” Victor says, “You are going back on your word?”  Victor arrogantly reminds Jack that he is the only one that can prove that Kelly Andrews set Phyllis up. Victor slithers out of the room and Jack gets on the phone he says, “I need your help now.”

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers March 2: Victor Betrays Jack, Ashley is Suspicious, Jack Admits Sleeping With Kelly

Phyllis tells Christine she is only scared because she knows Victor and Jack can and will crush her. Christine calls her a narcissistic bitch. Christine is seeing red and getting really irritated.  Paul tells her to calm down and think about the baby. Phyllis is surprised Christine is pregnant and says if she had any maternal instincts she would be thinking about the baby and not revenge!

Nick is feeling bad he feels it was his responsibility to keep his staff safe and he failed. Avery tells him they all could have died advises him to stop living in regret just then an eavesdropping Sage chimes in “Nick I hate to hear you take the blame for what happened at The Underground,” Avery and Nick just stare at her. Sage goes on and says that the roof collars was not Nick’s fault but an act of mother nature.  Nick insists it was his responsibility. Avery just stares at Sage chatting with Nick……jealous much Avery?

Gabriel/Adam tells Chelsea and Billy maybe it is a good thing Sage thinks he likes Chelsea because it means she is jealous. Gabriel/Adam tells them he going to get the woman he loves. Gabriel/Adam tells Chelseas the next time Sage comes up with her silly conclusions to come to him. Gabe gets a call and walks away . Billy says he thinks Gabriel/Adam is lying and that he does have feelings for Chelsea and that Sage is calling it exactly how it is.

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers March 2: Victor Betrays Jack, Ashley is Suspicious, Jack Admits Sleeping With Kelly

Victor shows up at Kelly’s job. He warns her her not want to cross me. She wants to know what she did to get caught in Victor’s crosshairs? Victor says, “You are not in my crosshairs and Jack is against you and is doing everything he can to prove you were the instigator of this whole Phyllis mess!” Kelly not denying it says there is no evidence Jack can’t prove anything! Victor cautions Kelly not to underestimate Jack. Kelly then says Phyllis told her, “Jack and Victor are working with Phyllis. So Victor who are you playing me or Kelly?” Victor says neither..he wants Phyllis away from Jack Abbott she is the mother of his Grandaughter.

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers March 2: Victor Betrays Jack, Ashley is Suspicious, Jack Admits Sleeping With Kelly

Victor tells her his plan and she comments that its a little extreme? Victor says all he cares is that Kelly does her part, he says it will work if she does. Kelly says, “Let me get this straight, you call the shots and I do what you say?” She laughs and says, “What’s in it for me?”  Victor says, “A FAVOR, are you in?”

Back with Ashely and she sees Jack up and leaving the hospital, she asks where he is going. Ashley has to talk to Jack and Jack is not happy but she insists.  Ashley asks Jack what he is up to, Jack told her he did sleep with Kelly. Jack says okay I slept with KELLY do you have any idea what it would do to Phyllis if she found out the truth. WOWSER HE KNOWS!!

Princess whiney pants is sleeping and Kyle is tucking her in. Phyllis tells Kyle she is heading home, Kyle asks if she told Jack and Victor, she said no she will tell them in person. Phyllis then says she did not like Austin for Summer but never wished something like this on him.

She then comments to Kyle, “funny you showing up just when Summer needed a shoulder to cry on losing her husband and everything.” Kyle replies,  “Yes,  great timing.” Phyllis is not stupid and says “is that all it is?”

Kyle replies, “what is that suppose to mean?” Phyllis says to Kyle, “well are you  saying you never wrote, called or texted the whole time you were gone and now all of a sudden her husband turns up dead and you are right by her side.” Kyle says Summer took her wedding vows seriously she really loved that guy. Phyllis agrees and has to agree her Princess was too good for Austin.

Paul shows up at Kelly’s, he has a few questions answered for the case against Phyllis. She says she has already answered all his questions, she wants to know what more he wants. Paul explains he wants to make sure all of his bases are covered. Kelly asks Paul why she would hurt herself? Paul says “What better way to get Jack back then to frame Phyllis for your poisoning!!” (WOW the lights are finally on!)

Jack gets home he sees Gabriel/Adam and asks what he is doing at his house? Gabriel/Adam says Billy invited them and tells him the story. Jack fells Gabriel/Adam should have turned Billy down,. Gabriel/Adam says, “No way would I turn down a chance to be under the same roof as my wife and son!” Jack being skeptical says, “do you really think you can win Chelsea back?”

Gabriel/Adam being a little cocky says Billy is handing Chelsea over to him on a silver platter. Jack warns him not to underestimate Billy, he will figure out who Gabriel/Adam is.   Gabriel/Adam laughs and says, “come on Jack, this is the guy who couldn’t figure out how to throw a toga party in a frat house!” Jack says,  “I think I liked you better dead!” Gabriel/Adam says you keep on thinking I’m dead and everything will fall into place.

Billy tells Chelsea he does not want to throw Gabriel/Adam and Sage out just yet. Billy says after all the guy did save his life, thats good for a few nights of free lodging. Chelsea is suspicious and says what are you up to? He says I have to find out what Gabriel/Adam meant when he said, “WE ARE EVEN.”

Once busybody Sage walks away Avery tells Nick she is worried about his relationship with Sage. She explains if the Judge finds out he is seeing a married woman the Judge could overturn his custody. Avery says you need to decide what is important to him and tells him to be careful with Sage.

Chelsea accuses Billy of hating Gabriel/Adam from the first day he met him and she doesn’t undertsand why. Billy’s excuse is he is a gambler and you learn to read people and he knows Gabriel/Adam is not telling the truth. Chelsea says all she sees is a  guy who is pretty much alone in the world and is trying to connect with people.

Billy says he know how to read people, Gabriel/Adam is bluffing, there is an undercurrent of bitterness and resentment even when he is trying to be nice. There is something up with that guy!

Billy and Chelsea both argue Chelsea does not see the man Billy sees Chelsea says, “Maybe if you had not been so hard on the guy since the beginning.” Billy, “Oh, he is the one who came in with all the attitude.” Chelsea, “Maybe he did but just saying try to remember he saved your life!”

Phyllis tells Jack Austin is dead and she doesn’t know how Summer will get over it.

Summer wakes up whining, Kyle says he is there for her and it will be okay. Summer says, “No it’s not alright Kyle, when I’m asleep all I see is Austin’s dead body with blood pouring out of his head!” Kyle’s words of wisdom, it will be OK.

Back at Kelly’s office she tells Paul she already gave her statement and she will not be answering anymore questions. She is not happy he is letting Jack cloud his judgement.  Kelly says she is confident justice will be served. Paul leaves and Kelly smiles like the Cheshire cat.

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers March 2: Victor Betrays Jack, Ashley is Suspicious, Jack Admits Sleeping With Kelly

Ashley asks Victor what is going on with him, “Jack says the two of you are working together to prove Phyllis is innocent and Kelly poisoned herself.” Victor, “OH, it so happens both of us are interested in Phyllis well being so our mutual concern for you brought us together. ” Ashley, asks, “What is really going ON, she doesn’t buy they are friends.” Victor, “Jack was close to death and that changes things I am sure you and everyone else will see that”

Ashely gives him her best, I don’t believe you for one minute look!

That’s it SOSers, another fabulous episode that had us sitting on the edge of our seats.  What do you think about Jack admitting he knows he slept with Kelly?  Do you think Victor is really working with Kelly?  Is Billy getting close to figuring out who Adam is?  Do you think Austin is really dead?  Hit the comments and lets us know what you think?

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