‘The Young and The Restless Spoilers March 17: Kelly Implies Suicide, Victor Grills Nikki, Jack Accuses Victor and Neil Confesses

'The Young and The Restless Spoilers March 17: Kelly Implies Suicide, Victor Grills Nikki, Jack Accuses Victor and Neil Confesses
The Young and the Restless spoilers for March 17th tease that Kelly will move forward with her plan to split Phyllis and Jack up.  Hilary will continue her charade to try and repair Neil and Devon’s relationship and Neil will make a shocking confession.

Tuesday March 17’s episode of YR opens with Jack [Peter Bergman] getting home looking for Phyllis [Gina Tognoni], Paul [Doug Davidson] shows up to tell them Kelly [Cady Mc Clain] is out of jail on bail. Jack is understandably stunned and Paul tells Jack he came by as a friend to tell Phyllis. Jack explains to Paul he can’t find Phyllis.

Back to today’s scene when Kelly knocks Phyllis over the head with the full champagne bottle, Phyllis is still passed out on the floor. Kelly takes Phyllis’ phone and calls Victor [Eric Braeden] Phyllis says, “No this is not Phyllis and if I have a problem WE have a problem!” Kelly stares at Phyllis’s unconscious body on the floor.

At the Athletic club Cane [Daniel Goddard] is on the phone telling someone Victor does not run Chancellor anymore and asks the person to do what he asks. Lily [Christel Khalil] then tells Cane the children keep asking why daddy sleeps in the guest room? She tells him she should have gone with her instinct and kept that ho Hillary [Mishael Morgan] away from her dad! Cane says he should have told the truth that Devon loved Hillary. She is sickened and replies, “That wasn’t love!“

'The Young and The Restless Spoilers March 17: Kelly Implies Suicide, Victor Grills Nikki, Jack Accuses Victor and Neil Confesses

Hillary walks into the Athletic Club she tells Devon [Bryton James] she would like a word with him, Devon says several words come to mind, he is not thrilled about seeing her. Hilary wants to talk about Neil. [Kristoff St-John] Devon is not interested in talking to her about Neil and he lets her know in no uncertain terms.. Hilary tells Devon they are the cause of what has happened to Neil, they drove Neil to drink and pulling that steering wheel which caused the accident and killed a baby!

Neil walks in and goes straight to the bar. He is having flashbacks of pulling the steering wheel and continues to drink.

Nikki’s [Melody Thomas Scott] Attorney tells her the Prosecution they have a witness that will testify that she deliberately swerved into Christine. [Lara Lee Bell] The attorney also informs Nikki they have forensic evidence that prove the way the tire tracks are pointing. The Attorney tells Nikki she needs to tell him the truth or he can’t help her.

The Attorney leaves but warns Victor and Nikki they need to take this serious. Victor explains to Nikki she needs to tell the truth or at least come up with a story that is believable. Victor directly asks her if she is covering for Neil? She says Neil has been through enough in his life. Victor replies you will NOT sacrifice your life, he yells “now the truth dammit”!!

'The Young and The Restless Spoilers March 17: Kelly Implies Suicide, Victor Grills Nikki, Jack Accuses Victor and Neil Confesses

Back at The Athletic Club Devon agrees with Hilary that they caused Neil to drink. Hillary says a woman’s unborn baby died that was not part of my plan to get revenge. Devon exclaims, “you want me to believe you grew a conscience all of a sudden? If you think you think you are taking a dime from Neil you have another thing coming.” Then Devon tells Hilary he really believed that Hilary loved him. Devon gets up and leaves.

Cane walks over to Hillary and tells her she is a good actress and that he knows she still loves Devon.

Cray Cray Kelly is coming down the stairs from her room carrying a big bag she runs into Lily and tells her she does not know what she was thinking confessing, she will never spend another night in jail again!

Meanwhile, Jack notices Phyllis’s car is gone, he calls her on her cell phone, Phyllis is lying on the floor and barely picks up she and whispers, “Kelly” and passes out again.

Paul and Jack get to Kelly’s room and find Phyllis on the floor she tells them what Kelly did and that Kelly was on her way out of town. Jack tells Phyllis they were taking her to the hospital. Phyllis exclaims, “I don’t need a Doctor I need an aspirin!” Paul calls the station and puts out an APB on Kelly. Phyllis looks at Jack and says, “let me guess you think I manufactured all of this?”

'The Young and The Restless Spoilers March 17: Kelly Implies Suicide, Victor Grills Nikki, Jack Accuses Victor and Neil Confesses

Meanwhile Coo Coo Kelly shows up at Victor’s ranch and Victor is not happy! Victor says, “I told you I would come to you, quiet down Nikki is upstairs. Go the hotel suite I got for you!” Kelly refuses she tells him the story of how Phyllis showed up and saw her travel itinerary and how she wacked Phyllis over the head. Victor asks her horrified, “Are you out of your mind?” Kelly tells him to calm down Kelly is alive. Victor asks Kelly, “you want me to clean up your mess?” Kelly replies, “we are partners.” Victor asks Kelly, “ARE YOU DELUSIONAL”

Back at the Athletic Club Cane tells Hillary he doesn’t believe her . She says look at Neil at the bottom of the bottle and look at your marriage in ruins. Cane says he still doesn’t believe it. She says she is leaving town. She walks away.

Nikki walks in and sees Neil she tells the bartender she will have what he is having. She tells Neil Victor cleaned out the liquor cabinet. The bartender brings her water, she looks at it Neil says that is what I am drinking.

Neil is upset and tells her he killed a baby that he is upset that everyone is blaming Nikki. Neil tells Nikki the prosecutor is coming for her! Nikki brags Victor will get her out of it he always does. She tells Neil not to let Hillary take any more from him. He tells a shocked Nikki, “the truth is out I confessed!” He explains Devon and Hillary know the truth. Nikki is relieved and tells Neil they will protect him. Neil shouts he doesn’t want to be protected!

Lily walks up to Hillary and asks how much more pain she is going to cause? Lily demands Hillary stop playing with Devon’s emotions. Lily accuses Hillary of manipulating Cane to protect her selfish self. Hillary walks away.

Victor is furious, he tells Kelly he told her to act fragile and she turned around and hit Phyllis in the head with a champagne bottle. Kelly is freaked and screams, “We have a deal, and you have to help me.” Victor replies, “I paid your bail I paid your hotel suite, I don’t have to do anything more for you.” Kelly is devastated and asks if Victor wants her to get on her hands and knees and beg?

Victor agrees he will help her again. Kelly tells Victor she know there will be a price and Victor replies, “there is always a price!”

Devon sees Nikki at the bar he asks Nikki where Neil is she tells him the bathroom. Devon thanks Nikki for what she did for his father. Nikki tells him it was her fault she was trying to force him to go to an AA meeting with her. Nikki feels she should never have done that. Devon asks Nikki how long Neil was in the bathroom and the bartender who overheard tells them Neil left five-minutes ago.

Lily is talking to Paul she can’t believe Kelly knocked Phyllis out with the bottle. Lily tells Paul Kelly had a bag and said she was going to her attorney.

Hilary goes to the bar where Neil and Nikki were drinking and orders green beer for St. Patrick’s Day. A drunken man, Lou, toasts with her and tells her she needs, “The love of a good man.” Hilary tells him, “I had that, a man who would do anything to make my dreams come true and he was blinded and that is not the worst of it turns out his blindness was temporary and know what the kind loving man saw when he regained his sight was me in bed with his son. I caused him to lose years of sobriety, wrecked his family and after we all managed to survive a plane crash I decided to tell his son that I never loved him. That is what I did with the love of two good men!” Lou (Drunk guy) says, “Let me guess your a Pisces?”

'The Young and The Restless Spoilers March 17: Kelly Implies Suicide, Victor Grills Nikki, Jack Accuses Victor and Neil Confesses

Devon and Nikki rush to the police station, Neil is there waiting for Paul. Devon tells him confessing won’t bring Christine’s baby back. Neil says, “this is about doing what is right I can’t let Nikki carry this burden anymore. I don’t like who I see in the mirror anymore I need to be a man I can respect.”

'The Young and The Restless Spoilers March 17: Kelly Implies Suicide, Victor Grills Nikki, Jack Accuses Victor and Neil Confesses

Jack accuses Victor of bailing Kelly out and paying for her suite! Victor laughs and says it is ludicrous why would he do that for Jack’s former lover?

'The Young and The Restless Spoilers March 17: Kelly Implies Suicide, Victor Grills Nikki, Jack Accuses Victor and Neil Confesses

Victor then says to Jack, “I would think you would be happy Phyllis has a bump on her head, not facing prosecution and Kelly is leaving town. Isn’t that what you wanted, you should be happy?”

Jack’s phone rings and it is Kelly she says Please don’t hang up! She tells Jack, she cannot leave town without telling him Good-bye. Phyllis is shocked and Jack just stares off in shock. He then asks her where she is at, Kelly tells him she is at a pay phone and afraid they will arrest her for knocking Phyllis out!

Jack tries to calm her and says, “I know you are afraid but you cannot afford to jump bail.” Phyllis wants the phone she is livid! Jack tells Kelly Phyllis is ok, Kelly is happy to hear that. Phyllis is chomping at the bit to get the phone from Jack. Jack moves away from Phyllis and asks Kelly again where she is and that he will come to her with no police.

Kelly says, “Jack my knight in shining armor till the very end.” Jack replies, “Don’t talk like that this is not the end” Kelly replies, “please know that I always loved you, always!” Kelly hangs up with a wicked smile on her face. Jack is worried. Phyllis says, “what did she say, that she is scared and alone and that she loved you, she is a total psychopath!” Jack replies, “I am not worried about what she said I am worried about what she is going to do to herself!”

Cane tells Lily that he truly believes Hillary loves Devon and that she is doing this to repair the family. Cane then tells Lily he is tired of apologizing and not going to keep living like this. Lily is tired of living this way too. She puts her hand out to him.

Lou at the bar with Hillary tries to pay for her beer and Hillary says she can pay for herself she will always take care of herself. Hillary gets up and the bartender tells Hilary not to mind drunk Lou he is not harmless. Hilary looks at the bartender and says, “But I AM NOT!”

'The Young and The Restless Spoilers March 17: Kelly Implies Suicide, Victor Grills Nikki, Jack Accuses Victor and Neil Confesses

Over at the police station Paul walks in and asks what is going on. Nikki says nothing just a miscommunication. Neil asks Devon to take Nikki and leave. Neil lets Paul know he wants to talk to him about Christine’s accident. Paul asks what about the accident.

Neil says, “Nikki’s story about the accident and what happened that night was not her fault.‘ Paul says, “Look if you want to vouch for her, save it for court.” Neil says, “Paul YOU DONT UNDERSTAND! Nikki did not cause that accident, she is not the one responsible for taking the life of your baby, I AM.”

Everyone looks shocked!

That’s it SOSers, what a great start to the week!  What do you think Kelly is up to, clearly she is not killing herself?  Is this part of her and Victor’s scheme? What is going to happen to Neil now that he confessed?  Are you happy Cane and Lily are getting back together?  Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.

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