‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers March 13: Austin’s Revenge Revealed, Phyllis Forgives Jack, Gabriel Makes A Drunken Announcement

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers March 13: Austin's Revenge Revealed, Phyllis Forgives Jack, Gabriel Makes A Drunken Announcement

‘The Young and the Restless’ spoilers for Friday March 13, 2015 tease some really bad luck and horrible secrets are about to crush the shocked residents of Genoa City. Y&R news proves SOS rumors were right about Austin and poor Gabriel is about to be hoisted by his own petard!

Friday’s episode of The Young and The Restless opens with Summer [Hunter King] on the computer watching the documentary Austin was making. Austin [Mathew Atkinson] is saying, “there are two kinds of people one that keeps their head down and get stepped on and the other who are doing the stepping on in their designer shoes.
I’m going to show you how a family name is all it takes to get ahead in Genoa City.”

Jack [Peter Bergman] informs Chelsea [Melissa Claire Egan] and Billy [Burgess Jenkins] that Kelly [Cady McClain] confessed to poisoning herself. Chelsea and Billy are relieved and start talking about their engagement party. Billy is worried all hell will break loose because nothing ever goes smoothly at the Abbott family events.

Austin’s voice is talking in the background while we watch the Abbott family members Ashley [Eileen Davisdon], Jack, Billy, Phyllis [Gina Tognoni] and Chelsea..he says “Smug and self-satisfied the Abbott family is only surpassed by the other royal family in Genoa City, the almighty Newmans who feel the little people are just here to serve them.”

Gabriel/Adam [Justin Hartley] is talking to the contractor who is repairing his condo, he asks when he thinks it will be done. Gabriel/Adam does not want a rush on it, he pays the guy off to stall the repairs.

Austin’s haunting voice plays again, “The Newmans’s believe everyone can be bought, so they collect souls one by one, I have seen it up close, I was married to a Newman/Abbott. I’m going to pick up the rock and show you all of the worms and insects underneath. The Abbotts /Newman do not have human decency and it is time for the world to see the ugly truth!”

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers March 13: Austin's Revenge Revealed, Phyllis Forgives Jack, Gabriel Makes A Drunken Announcement

Summer is shocked. She starts crying banging the keys on the computer. Summer asks Kevin [Gregg Rikaart] how did she missed it, Summer also wants to know how Summer found the video. Kevin tells Summer he had to do some snooping to find it, he tells Summer this is just the beginning there is more hateful stuff.

Over with Victoria [Amelia Heinle] and Stitch [Sean Carrigan] – Victoria is thrilled Stitch asked Abby [Melissa Ordway] to move in with them, she feels Abby can heal with her and Stitch and won’t have to be alone. Victoria gets a text message from Victor to call him now in private. Victoria makes an excuse and goes upstairs while Abby comes down.  Stitch quizzes Abby why she said yesterday something about Austin’s death.  Abby says it was a mistake she was confused that Austin’s death was an accident.

Kevin tells the gan he has not cracked all of the files yet. Mariah [Camryn Grimes] walks in witnessing Summer going on and on about what Austin did to her, crying out of control. (What’s new) Mariah says, “that’s right snowflake, you married a son of a bitch and thought you could change him? How will your ego survive?”

Jack, Chelsea, Phyllis and Billy (enter our poll about which Billy actor you liked best) are all talking about the engagement party making jokes that hell always breaks  out at Abbott Family parties, they wonder what will happen this time? Chelsea is not amused that everyone is joking about her engagement party. Ashley [Eileen Davidson] suggests that Billy and Chelsea and Jack and Phyllis have a double wedding. Chelsea replies no they are happy to delay their wedding until Phyllis and Jack get married. Billy is shocked and says, “we are?” Phyllis comments she is back in the house but is not looking at a wedding anytime soon.  Jack is surprised.

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers March 13: Austin's Revenge Revealed, Phyllis Forgives Jack, Gabriel Makes A Drunken Announcement

Sage [Kelly Sullivan] walks in on the contractor and Gabriel/Adam, she asks if there is any good news about the apartment, Gabriel/Adam tells her it will get done in due time. Gabriel/Adam thanks the contractor for this hard work. Sage informs Gabriel/Adam she just got a suite so they won’t need stay at Jack’s place anymore. Gabriel/Adam is not happy and tells Sage to cancel the reservation they are staying at Casa Jack. Sage threatens Gabe again with a divorce if he doesn’t do what she says and move to the hotel suite.

Abby thanks Victoria for being there for her. Abby goes on about how Vicky and Abby are both fierce business women.  Victoria tells Abby that Ashley  learned from the best, Victor [Eric Braeden] and Jack.

Kyle [Lachlan Buchanan] sees Mariah upsetting Summer with the truth, he tells her to knock it off, she doesn’t know everything. Mariah informs Kyle she does know what she is talking about, she saw the documentary video, Kevin sent it to her.  Mariah says to Summer, “Austin did not want to be your pet poodle wearing $300 ties!” Summer then starts babbling that maybe it was all Mariah’s idea to do the documentary and Mariah’s fault for everything.

Summer accuses Mariah of being jealous, she says Mariah is just mad Austin didn’t want her. Mariah replies, ” You are just pissed you didn’t get the husband you bought and paid for”

Phyllis tells everyone she was being dramatic but that a wedding will not take place anytime soon. Phyllis asks Chelsea if she has a date picked out yet? Chelsea replies, “no not really, there is so much going on.” Billy looks disturbed he pulls Chelsea aside to talk to her . Billy asks her, “do you even want to get married?”

Jack and Phyllis are talking after Ashley leaves. Phyllis is thrilled Kelly confessed and that Jack did not betray her by sleeping with Kelly at the Underground. Jack professes his undying love and loyalty to her. Jack tells Phyllis, the question is not if you will marry me it is when you will marry me.  Jack suggests they get married one month from today.

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers March 13: Austin's Revenge Revealed, Phyllis Forgives Jack, Gabriel Makes A Drunken Announcement

Chelsea assured Billy of course she wants to marry him she is already planning.  Billy  think she was beating around the bush in the last conversation about their wedding plans.

Phyllis thinks one month is too soon to get married. She tells Jack she is not sure about their future. Jack says his mission is to make her feel loved and secure. All Phyllis has to do is say YES!

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers March 13: Austin's Revenge Revealed, Phyllis Forgives Jack, Gabriel Makes A Drunken Announcement

Abby tells Stitch about Austin getting killed and how everyone thinks she did it. Stitch tells Abby he is not going to let Abby be locked up for something she didn’t do.

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers March 13: Austin's Revenge Revealed, Phyllis Forgives Jack, Gabriel Makes A Drunken Announcement

Sage picks up the phone and threatens Gabriel/Adam to call the Attorney and tell him they are getting a divorce. He hangs it up. Sage tells Gabriel/Adam did not sign up for this, she married Gabriel/Adam to be married for 3 years not to be married to a guy who is stalking his ex wife!  Sage then tells him she will not lose Nick because of  lying. She then suggests Gabriel/Adam tell Chelsea who he is and maybe Chelsea will forgive him.  Chelsea walks in.

Billy is right behind Chelsea. Chelsea tells Gabriel/Adam and Sage she is picking up her wedding dress. Gabriel/Adam let’s it slip that Billy asked him to be his best man, Sage says, “WHAT!” Chelsea is surprised she says, “I don’t understand.” Billy walks up and says, “what is there to understand? I wanted to pay back the guy who saved my life he is the reason I am around and I am marrying you.”

Kevin and the gang are talking about who could have mugged Abby. Kevin says the person needs to be caught before he goes after one of them.

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers March 13: Austin's Revenge Revealed, Phyllis Forgives Jack, Gabriel Makes A Drunken Announcement

Abby still spilling her guts to Stitch, it appears they are bonding. Victoria walks in and they change the subject to Billy and Chelsea’s engagement party. Victor sends another message to Victoria telling her to call him, the results will be worth it.

Stitch takes off with Abby to drop her at the engagement party.  When he is done he calls Victoria and Victoria tells him she is heading to the office with the kids.  Meanwhile, Stitch turns around and sees Kevin.

Kyle has to leave he is going to the engagement party. Kevin is happy because it gives him more time to crack more of Austin’s files.

Gabriel/Adam is drinking heavily at the engagement party.  Sage asks him if she should pour him into bed and Gabriel/Adam snaps and says,  “I’m not Nicholas [Joshua Morrow]!”  Sage replies, “You should be so lucky!”

Stitch walks over to Kevin and informs him Abby told him everything, Kevin is shocked. Kevin says she as out of her mind and her head is clouded from the drugs they gave her after she got mugged, you can’t believe her. Stitch lets Kevin know Abby was very coherent after she woke up and she told him everything and Austin believes her.  Stitch wants to know what is going on and what he is doing on the computer.

Summer gets a coffee turns around and Mariah is there and Mariah says, “So Kyle was your boyfriend, then your brother and he left and now he is back and apparently you white knight. It is adorable or Nauseating I cannot decide which.” Summer replies, “What is it Mariah are you jealous again?” Mariah replies, “Again?” Summer says, “You threw yourself at Austin and then you found out he wanted Abby more than you. So yes again?” Mariah comes back with, “and evidently more than he wanted you BUT we are talking about Kyle and the special place he has in your glittery PINK HEART. No wonder Austin put up with it.” Summer, “What is that suppose to mean?  Mariah, “I mean he obviously had more passion in this documentary than he ever had for you. So it seems he only married you to stay out of jail and then he only stayed with you to get dirt on your family. OUCH!” Mariah leaves and Summer glares at her

Over at the engagement party Ashley asks Abby if she has a headache Abby says she is all ready and ready to party responsibly. Ashley goes to get her water. Kyle walks over and asks if she got his text Abby says, “According to the videos Austin hated bother her families which says a lot about what he felt about her.” Kyle says, “We don’t know how he felt about you.” Abby says, “I think we do, I’m an idiot and a target at an engagement party. Awesome” Abby walks away.

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers March 13: Austin's Revenge Revealed, Phyllis Forgives Jack, Gabriel Makes A Drunken Announcement

At the engagement party, Jack is proposing a toast to the happy couple. As Jack gives his speech Gabriel/Adam does not look pleased…. After the speech he asks everyone to raise their glasses to Chelsea and Billy. Chelsea says Jack is going to make her weepy. Billy wipes his eyes too and says it is just dusty in the room. All of a sudden Gabriel/Adam says, “You know what Jack it feels like you are upstaging the best man, ME. I just wanted to take the floor here for a second and toast the very happy couple to be.” Sage looks on horrified. Gabriel/Adam says, “There is something you need to hear.” Jack looks shocked. Chelsea looks on curious.

That is it for the episode SOSers another home run.  Were you shocked that Austin’s video is all about the Newman family and the Abbot family.  Do you think Ian Ward is behind everything Austin did?  Is Stitch more involved in this mess than we know?  What is Gabriel/Adam going to say, is he going to come clean and confess he is Adam?  Hit the comments and let us know what you are thinking and make sure to come back daily for our YR spoilers!

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