‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers February 23: Phyllis Slaps Kelly, Plane Crash Victims Rescued, Someone Dies

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers February 23: Phyllis Slaps Kelly, Plane Crash Victims Rescued, Someone Dies

This past week “The Young and the Restless” had us on the edge of our seats but Y&R spoilers for Monday, February 23 2015 promise to raise the tension and emotion to an unprecedented level. Last week on The Young and the Restless there were three tragedies that rocked Genoa City and now we are going to start dealing with the fallout and see who survives, who dies and how lives are changed.

Monday’s episode opens with a flashback from Friday’s episode – Jack [Peter Bergman] and Victor [Eric Braeden] are bickering about who will be leaving from the rubble they are trapped in then suddenly the ceiling collapses.

Meanwhile at Crimson Lights Nick [Joshua Morrow] and Dylan [Steve Burton] want to go back to  The Underground to find Victor and Jack but Paul refuses to let them go the building which is too unstable.  Apparently secondary collapses are worse than the primary ones. Paul lets them know they have to leave the work to the emergency workers.

Over at the plane crash site Neil [Kristoff St John] is missing! Lily [Cristal Khalil] doesn’t understand how Neil left without anyone seeing it? Lily freaks out that her Dad is not dressed properly she fears he will freeze to death. At the same time Hilary [Mishael Morgan] who is just barely alive screams for Devon to go find Neil!

While everyone is worrying about Neil he is wandering into the forest with a blanket wrapped around him yelling “is anybody there?”  Neil is not looking good, he looks cold and he is bleeding from the head.

YR-Scooby-dooAt the Abbott cabin the police show up, they ask the Scooby Doo Gang (Kevin, Mariah, Courtney, Summer, Abby, Feb, Noah) what is going on. They all come up with an elaborate story about how there were noises on the roof and they were afraid the snow was too heavy. Kevin [Greg Rikarrt] said he, Fen [Max Ehrich] and Austin [Matthew Atkinson] went to go look at the roof.  But Kevin said once they got outside they couldn’t find Austin.

After the police leave to look for Austin the Scooby Doo Gang continue to speculate on where Austin was. Summer suggests Austin is alive and  just got up and walked away. Mariah [Camryn Grimes] who you just have to love says “yep maybe he got up and hopped on a purple unicorn”. Courtney [Kelly Gross] tells Summer Austin was dead, she felt his pulse. (why doesn’t that give me much confidence?)  The gang started with their theories again, Noah [Robert Adamson] comes up with a theory that someone was watching them. The Police come back and let them know they were not successful in finding Austin, they told everyone they had to come down to the police station to give statements.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 9.26.33 PM

The Scooby Doo Gang leave the Abbot Cabin and head to the police station.  When they arrive Lauren [Tracy Bregman] is there and is relieved that Fen is OK. The Gang tells her Austin is missing, Paul [Doug Davidson] lets everyone know they sent search party out! Then Paul informs the gang about Jack and Victor being buried at The Underground. Summer [Hunter King] starts wailing hysterically.

Back at the Plane crash site Lily is still nagging Cane [Daniel Goddard] about not telling her about the affair. Lily accuses Cane of breaking up their family. Lily is hysterical and tells Cane that he Hilary and Devon have destroyed the family and it will never be the same again, she will never forgive any of them!  Cane begs her to forgive him one last time, he feels horrible .

Over at Crimson Lights Phyllis [Gina Tognoni] and Niki [ Melody Thomas Scott] tell Victoria  [Amelie Heinle] and Ashley [Eileen Davidson] that there was not a lot of oxygen in the area they were trapped and Jack was very weak. Victoria and Nick say their dad is strong and that he has beated the odds before.  They are not giving up on him.

Nikki is very fragile and when Paul says trying to get Victor and Jack out is a recovery mission Nikki loses it and yells “it is not a recovery mission Victor and Jack are alive!”  I have a feeling Nikki is going to be hitting the bottle soon!

Phyllis is feeling guilty for not forgiving Jack she tells her sister Avery [Jessica Collins] that it was her ego that got in the way! Ashley is looking on.  We all know that Ashley knows that Jack had a quickie with Kelly in the storage closet.

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers February 23: Phyllis Slaps Kelly, Plane Crash Victims Rescued, Someone Dies

Meanwhile back at “Serenity Springs” not really, Lily is still ragging at Cane telling him, “you let my dad stay with that 2 bit slut,” bla bla bla. Devon has had enough and tells Lily to stop blaming Cane, it’s all his fault!! Devon tells Lily he loves Hillary and the heart can’t help what the heart wants.  Hilary could care less what Devon or Cane are saying and screams, “No matter what, I will never forgive you.”  Thats not a big surprise!

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers February 23: Phyllis Slaps Kelly, Plane Crash Victims Rescued, Someone Dies

Neil is still stumbling around,  he is weak and drops to his knees. He is laying there and starts to fall asleep he is remembering the good times with Hillary, the wedding, he is shaking all over..he remembers getting his vision back and what he first saw, Hillary and Devon in bed together! He is fading and freezing in the snow.  Can he survive?

Back at Crimson Lights Kelly [Cady McClain] blows into Crimson and tells Ashley Jack isn’t answering her calls, Ashley informs Kelly it is because Jack is buried under the rubble at The Underground. Ashley asks her to leave, Kelly says NO I have every right to be here, as much right as Phyllis does!!  Ashley is frustrated and tells Kelly Phyllis is Jack’s fiancé and there is no comparison. WAIT here it comes…….. Kelly drops the bombshell, she blabs that Jack made love to her on Valentines Day in the storage closet and of course Kelly loves Jack.  Kelly is convinced Jack is finished with Phyllis! Ashley is not convinced and still asks her to leave!  You just know Kelly is not going to listen.  Kelly is in full cray cray mood!

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers February 23: Phyllis Slaps Kelly, Plane Crash Victims Rescued, Someone Dies

Phyllis sees Kelly and blasts her telling her “you have no right to be here!” Kelly says I have more right than you! Phyllis is baffled by that comment “how can you say that?” Kelly replies because last night Jack chose me over you! Phyllis is stunned, she is convinced Kelly is lying and lost her mind!

Back at the plane crash Colin tries to give Cane marital advice, Cane says he has blown it he broke another promise, Cane is devastated. Colin says there is still hope son.  He tries to convince Cane that the time to act is now.  Colin feels if Cane waits longer it is to late.

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers February 23: Phyllis Slaps Kelly, Plane Crash Victims Rescued, Someone Dies

Neil is in and out of conciousness having dreams of good times with Hilary.  Then he has a flash of when he told everyone on the plane he could see and that Hillary and Devon were lying cheats! Neil starts to go into a deep sleep when a voice calls out, “I found a body!”

Back at the police station Paul gets a call from the rescue workers at The Underground they found an air pocket, Nick over hears it and heads for the Underground he is going to bring his dad back!

Kelly is still taunting Phyllis,  she tells Phyllis after she lit into Jack like a raging lunatic he came to her for support, he wanted her, he wanted her body and he had it all.  Phyllis is enraged she hauls off an SLAPS KELLY… saying there is no way  Jack had sex with you!  SOSers we know Jack wouldn’t do that, we are sure he was under a love potion, check our theory out right HERE!  Ashley shows up and tells Phyllis they found an air pocket and Jack might be in it!

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers February 23: Phyllis Slaps Kelly, Plane Crash Victims Rescued, Someone Dies

Cane walks over to Lily and tells her again how sorry he is and how much he loves her and his children..he asks her if she will she give him another chance?  Before she has a chance to respond,  they hear a helicopter, they all start waving!

Devon runs to Hilary who is not look good and tells her they are saved, Hillary looks up and says “It was Neil he saved us.”  Does this mean the TPTB at YR are setting up a Neil/Hilary reunion.

Back at Crimson Lights Ashley wants to know why Kelly is still there? Phyllis tells Ashley Kelly is just spewing more lies saying Jack had sex with her at The Underground last night.  .Ashley looks at Phyllis with a strange expression, Phyllis asks do you know something?  Is Phyllis going to tell?

Back at the Underground they are digging when they find something, it’s an arm! Nick shows up and they say you should not be here!  Nick starts digging more sees the arm and says, “HE IS DEAD?”  WHO????

What a crazy episode, lots of action!!  So SOSers who do you think they found under the rubble? Will Hilary make it or is it too late? Will Lily ever stop nagging? Will Phyllis forgive Jack for his betrayal.  Will Jack live?  Please share your thoughts in the Soap Opera Spy comments below

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  1. elm1951 says

    the abbot cabin mystery story just does not seem real to me – i am thinking that it is somebody’s dream – i may be wrong but the entire scenario doesn’t make much sense ………….jmo

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