The Young and the Restless Spoilers February 18: YR Disaster Week – Lily Is Alive, Jack Is Hurt, Billy Is Trapped

The Young and the Restless Spoilers February 18: YR Disaster Week - Lily Is Alive, Jack Is Hurt, Billy Is Trapped

Don’t miss CBS’ The Young and the Restless tomorrow February 18 as “Disaster Week” continues! It’s a domino effect of excitement, one disaster after another and it’s must see TV!

Victor [Eric Braeden] finally catches his  wife Niki [Melody Thomas Scott] boozing.  (Really not sure why it has taken him so long, it has been so obvious) Nikki has become more beligerent and more rude as the weeks go on. In  tomorrow’s episode Victor offered to refresh Nikki’s soda water and took the glass from her, Nikki snatched the glass back from Victor and says NO, as she stumbled all over the place. Victor then looked at Nikki and asked “have you been drinking?” Hallelujia Victor finally opened his eyes to his drunkard wife!

The power went out at The Underground Sage [Kelly Sullivan] and Nick [Joshua Morrow] went to the storage room to find the generator, all of a sudden the roof that has been unstable collapses and Sage and Nick get thrown to the ground! The whole ceiling caved in at The Underground, people were buried alive! Avery [Jessica Collins] and Joe [Scott Elrod] were buried close to each other, Joe was hurt badly and he needed Avery’s help.  Joe told Avery she was always there for him.  Avery was not impressed and told him so!  Nikki and Phyllis have survived the ceiling collapse.  Victor finds Jack [Peter Bergman] buried under a bunch of rubble from the roof and Jack is unconscious. Will Victor help his nemesis?

Meanwhile Sharon [Sharon Case] was in the car with Faith and drove her car into a snow bank.  Sharon and Faith let the car and walked in the cold stormy weather back to her place.  Sharon was terrified what Nick would think about her crashing the car.  Sharon finally got so upset about what Nick would think she told Faith they were going back to get the car out of the snow bank.  When Sharon opened the door Dylan [Steve Burton] was there.  He told Sharon not to leave the house, he started a fire in the fireplace and he calmed Sharon down by telling her he would say he was the one who crashed the car into the snowbank.

There was a fire at Chelsea’s [Melissa Claire Egan] condo! Chelsea managed to get Johnny out of the building. Billy [Burgess Jenkins] stayed behind to get Connor and was going to follow right behind Chelsea. Billy put a blanket over Connor’s face, he was trying to get through the smoke and flames but it was too smokey he had to go back in the condo.

Adam/Gabriel [Justin Hartley] arrived on the scene and Chelsea told Adam Connor was still inside the apartment. Adam ran into the flames to find his son! Adam got to the apartment and found Billy passed out from smoke inhalation.  Adam screamed for Billy to get up, but when he did not Adam picked up Connor, covered him with a blanket and ran out of the condo.

Adam got Connor out of the apartment and gave him to Chelsea.  Chelsea asked where Billy was and Adam told her passed out in the apartment and Adam could not carry both Connor and Billy.  Chelsea was distraught, Adam turned around and ran back into the apartment building to get Billy.  As Adam disappeared in the apartment you hear another small explosion. Will Adam be hurt?  Will he save Billy?

Lauren [Tracy Bregman] gets a call from Paul [Doug Davidson] he needs to talk to her in person, What is it?? She gets to the station and he informs her that her sister Jill’s plane crashed and is missing, they don’t know if there are any survivors.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers February 18: YR Disaster Week - Lily Is Alive, Jack Is Hurt, Billy Is Trapped

Meanwhile back at the plane Hilary did not have a pulse but Neil managed to bring her back by performing CPR.  Devon tells Neil he saved Hilary’s life.  Cane was still searching for Lily and finally found her.  Lily is totally pissed at Cane, Hilary and Devon.  Cane tells everyone they are going to have to work together if they are going to survive.


Whew, what an episode!  One disaster after another, this is certainly YR Disaster Week!  So SOSers what do you think of all the action that went down?  Will Adam save Billy?  Will Hilary make it?  Will the police find the crashed plane?  Hit the comments and let us know what you are thinking.

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  1. Jennifer says

    i hope the cabin scene is a dream, that Chelsea and Adam get together, that the love potion backfires on victor, that Joe goes away, sage and Nick get together, Phyllis and Kelly kill each other, Devon and Hillary get together, drucilla comes back for Neil, Lilly forgives Cain, Jill and Collin make up, Chloe and Esther return, jack finds a backbone, Mariah and kevin get together, Sharon finds some help and therapy, Dylan and Avery work it out.

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