‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Billy Is Paragon Culprit – Adam Newman And Ian Ward Innocent After All?

billy“The Young and the Restless” writers are at it again; they have flipped the script and this time they are making Billy Abbott [Burgess Jenkins] take the fall for the Paragon virus mess. Months ago, when the Paragon was first mentioned, it was a known fact that Ian Ward [Ray Wise] and Adam Newman [Justin Hartley] were behind the cyber virus. Now, TPTB wanted fans to believe that Billy was the one who was behind the cyber-attack?

On Friday, December 4, it was revealed that Billy was the one who launched the Paragon virus. Victoria [Amelia Heinle] questioned him, and said that her family could have gotten hurt by the virus, and Billy didn’t’ care. It was obvious he is so angry with the Mustache that he was willing to put his own children’s safety in limbo.

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The real question is, how will they explain that Billy was the one responsible for the Paragon virus, and redeem Ian and Adam? Sure, fans suspected that Billy could have been behind the cyber-attack for quite some time, but TPTB squeezed a confession out of Ian and Adam. How will they work around that and make the newest development work?

It seems like the show is trying to redeem Adam and throw Billy under the bus right now. Sure, Adam is a great character, and even when he is up to bad deeds, the fans still love him. The fact is Burgess Jenkins’ portrayal of Billy has never been well received. Many of the fans have noticed that since he announced his departure from the show, he had been [extra] unfeeling and disconnected as Billy.

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Long-time fans hope that when Jason Thompson steps in the role in January, his portrayal of Billy will bring the fun-loving Billy back. That Billy has been absent from the show since Billy Miller walked away from the show in 2013.
“The Young and the Restless” fans, tell Soap Opera Spy what you think- did Billy launch the Paragon virus against Newman Enterprises? What will Victor [Eric Braeden] do when he learns that Adam and Ian were not responsible, but Billy boy was?

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  1. Shelly says

    I’m so sick to death of hearing about Paragon!! I don’t give a damn WHO’S behind this stinking virus…It doesn’t change what Victor put both Jack and Phyllis through with Marco….PERIOD!!

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