‘The Young and the Restless’ POLL – Who Is Your Favorite Newman Guy? Victor, Nicholas, Adam or Noah? VOTE!

'The Young and the Restless' POLL – Who Is Your Favorite Newman Guy? Victor, Nicholas, Adam or Noah? VOTE!“The Young and the Restless” fans love the Newman gentleman – or sometimes love to hate them! Who is your favorite man of the Newman Dynasty? Are you Team Victor, Team Nicholas, Team Adam or Team Noah?

Team Victor

YR-Eric-BraedenVictor Newman (Eric Braeden) is the patriarch of the Newman family. All of Victor’s struggles, manipulations, cheating, scheming and lies have been for the benefit of the legacy Victor is determined to leave behind. Oft referred to as “The Black Knight” or “The Mustache,” Victor is quite possibly the Newman guy “Y&R” fans love to hate the most. And that’s exactly the way Victor likes it. Born Christian Miller, Victor grew up in an orphanage. When he reached adulthood the young man changed his name to Victor Newman – a victorious new man. Victor’s one true love is Nikki Newman [Melody Thomas Scott], though the self-made man has been married numerous times. Victor is the cornerstone upon which the Newman family has been built. Would you choose Victor as your favorite Newman gentleman?

Team Nicholas

YR-NicNicholas Newman [Joshua Morrow] loves his father dearly but has spent most of his life struggling to build an identity of his own. It hasn’t been easy, but for a time Nick was happily married to Sharon [Sharon Case] and they owned and operated the little coffee shop Crimson Lights together. Nick and Sharon had their share of problems, but life was good until their daughter Cassie [Camryn Grimes] died in a tragic accident. Rather than turn to Sharon to share his grief, Nicholas choose instead to seek comfort with Phyllis Summers. The two had an affair and Phyllis became pregnant with Summer [Hunter King]. Nick has tried many times to stay away from Newman Enterprises but he always seems to get sucked back in. Nicholas tried his hand at publishing the fashion magazine “Restless Style,” and his latest independent project has been “The Underground.” Nick deserves much credit for trying to be his own new man, but when daddy calls Nicholas usually comes running. Would you pick Nicholas as your favorite Newman gentleman?

Team Adam

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JULY 29: Actor Justin Hartley arrives at the CW, CBS And Showtime 2012 Summer TCA party held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on July 29, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Adam Newman’s [Justin Hartley] legal name is Victor Adam Newman, Jr. Adam had no idea that Victor was his father until he was a grown man. Adam was raised on a farm in Kansas by his mother Hope Adams Wilson [Signy Coleman]. Victor’s youngest son studied at Harvard and upon graduation became successful in the business world. Adam has been called one of the most devious characters in daytime. There seems to be no boundary Adam won’t cross to get what he wants. Whether paired with Sharon or Chelsea [Melissa Claire Egan] Adam [then portrayed by Michael Muhney] list up the screen – Shadam and Chadam took sides – who should be Adam’s lady love? Would you choose Adam as your favorite Newman gentleman?

Team Noah

YR-NoahNoah Newman [Robert Adamson] is the only son of Nicholas and Sharon Newman. Born prematurely, Noah nearly died – he spent much of the first year of his life in an incubator struggling to live. It seemed as if Noah, along with Devon Hamilton [Bryton James] would have a successful career in the music industry. For a time it seemed that Noah seemed to be drifting, unable to decide what he wanted to do with his life. He hasn’t taken much interest in working for Newman Enterprises or in picking up where he left off with his music career. Right now the main focus of Noah’s life seems to be wooing Marisa [Sofia Pernas] – and keeping her from reuniting with estranged husband Luca [Miles Gaston Villanueva]. Would you choose Noah as your favorite Newman gentleman?

“Y&R” fans who gets your vote for favorite Newman guy? Victor is the maestro of the family, Nicholas has tried to forge his own path in live, Adam is determined to be as successful in the business word as his father, and Noah hasn’t quite found his place in the world yet.

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  1. Angela says

    I like them all but Victor, never have liked him but I think that Eric is a good actor though. Nick, I’m annoyed with at the moment, can’t stand him with Sage, ugh! I like Noah too but I guess I’ll have to say Adam at this time, love Justin in the role!

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