‘The Young and the Restless’ POLL: Which of These Six Y&R Couples Is Your LEAST Favorite? VOTE!

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 11.22.12 PM“The Young and the Restless” has its share of disgruntled fans right now. People who once loved the show, are left angry with the way the current head scribe, Chuck Pratt is writing their favorite [and least favored] characters. Soap Opera Spy would like your opinion about who is your LEAST favorite couple on the show right now.

Hilary and Devon

Hilary [Mishael Morgan] and Devon [Bryton James] were electrifying together. They had a chemistry that no other characters had shown in a long time. Because of the on-screen chemistry, fans flocked to support them- even though they were involved in a forbidden love triangle.

Marisa and Noah

Marisa [Sofia Pernas] came into town, in order to help Jack Abbott [Peter Bergman] find his way to his wife, Phyllis Abbott [Gina Tognoni]. She became a part of Genoa City and embraced life with Noah Newman [Robert Adamson]. Fans have not embraced their pairing because Marisa seems to be a worldly woman compared to our sweet sheltered Noah.

Neil and Hilary

Neil [Kristoff St. John] and Hilary were an awkward couple. Neil looked about 25 years older than her. They looked more like father and daughter than a romantic couple. There was no doubt they enjoyed each other’s company and had a level of respect for one another, but there was little to no sexual chemistry between them.

Lily and Cane

Lily and Cane have a long history together. They have been through with cancer, Cane being presumed dead, and countless other scandals. It looks like the writers are looking forward to driving a wedge between them, at least for a while. And, truthfully, fans embrace the change.

Sage and Nick

Sage [Kelly Sullivan] and Nick [Joshua Morrow] are dull at best. Sage has a very creepy element to her. She seems to have weaseled her way into Nick’s life, and now he feels tied to her through Christian. She has little fans at this point, and she is dragging Nick’s fan base down with her.

Paul and Christine

Paul [Doug Davidson] and Christine [Lauralee Bell] have absolutely no chemistry.  Is there something worst than dull?Christine spends most of her time whining and Paul stays at the police station as often as he can to avoid her.

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  1. LELA BLANSON says

    You are all wrong, about Cane and Lily. their fans are really upset about the break up of cane and Lily. so stop saying they want them to do this. no break up, of them !!!! THIS IS WHAT WE WANT, THEM TOGETHER, NOW !!

  2. Angela says

    I actually liked Neil & Hilary until they decided for her to go after Devon but I always liked them better than her & Devon. Sage & Nick are the worst, I never liked Lily & Cane but they have kids & I can’t see them with anyone else but I’ve also hated Paul with Christine, love Paul but I can’t stand Christine so if they would just let Sage & Christine go away, I’d be happy.

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