‘The Young and the Restless’ News: Jill Farren Phelps In Contract Negotiations Will YR Give Her The Boot?

'The Young and the Restless' News: Jill Farren Phelps In Contract Negotiations Will YR Give Her The Boot?

Jill Farren Phelps, the executive producer for “The Young and the Restless” may have a few more months left on her contract, but according to Daytime Confidential, Phelps is ready to being negotiating her contract with Sony and CBS very soon.

Phelps has been the executive producer over at “The Young and the Restless” since 2012 and since then The Young and the Restless has won multiple Daytime Emmy Awards, and the ratings are doing better than ever. Unfortunately, things are not looking so good on the staffing and talent side of things. Since Phelps took over, The Young and the Restless has replaced various head writers on more than one occasion, and has been hit with the loss and exit of huge stars such as Emme Rylan, Michelle Stafford, Billy Miller, Michael Muhney, and more. Losses like these do not go unnoticed and have caused a some issues for The Young and the Restless.

In addition, Daytime Confidential is reporting that Phelps was responsible for bringing on General Hospital star Steve Burton. The problem here, is that his paid day rate is very close to Eric Braeden and Peter Bergman, even though Burton has not played an instrumental part in the CBS soap.

Phelps has successfully re-casted Adam Newman with notable actor Justin Hartley, and Gina Tognoni has received positive marks for her spin on the role of Phyllis Summers. Unfortunately, Phelps has not been successful in replacing Billy Miller, and a source has revealed that after trying David Tom and Burgess Jenkins as replacements, The Young and the Restless is considering working with Miller to have him reprise the role.

Phelps also played a crucial part in bringing on co-executive producer Chuck Pratt. Pratt, who has been working on the show since February, has added a ton of drama and interesting story lines such as a plane crash, the club cave-in ordeal, murders, and the doppelgänger arc.

Despite the few issues that Phelps is facing, we see no reason for Sony and CBS not to renew her contract. She has won the show various Daytime Emmy Awards, and driven the ratings higher and higher.

Do you think that is enough to keep Phelps, or should “The Young and the Restless” be looking for a new executive producer? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Linda says

    They should never have let him go. Let him do other projects and bring Billy and Vi
    ctoria back together~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  2. Lee says

    I hope and pray they give both of them the boot. Too many character assassinations under Pratt. With on,y four soaps left, Y&R was bound to get a few Emmys anyway. It has nothing to do with either of them. Too many character assassinations on one soap – Kelly, Spike, Michael, Austin, and of course Sharon. The show is no longer a sophisticated drama. It is all shock and awe and fits of fancy.

  3. Glenn says

    Tired of this ongoing story. It is dragged out too long. Used to love it. Whoever is responsible, the show needs a big change somewhere.

  4. Linda says

    We are so tired of the story lines, get rid of them and find people who know how to move a story

  5. Lauren says

    I hope they let her go. All good characters are getting fired and it’s rediculas. Not happy with it..

  6. Maycas says

    They are letting go of all the characters that have been there for years which makes things harder for fans to get back into watching because of losing the ones that have been the original players all along. That is when fans get tired of watching soaps due to the recast for the senior character that have been on the show since it started or for many years. They keep killing people off, or add someone new to replace them when the writers, character, whomever else is invved to make this soaps live forever listen to one another and the fans!!! To create story lines and keep them interesting but not drag them out forever. Or to start a storyline then get threw it most of it then I changes a second later or they never truly finish the storyline for instance “like the cabin killing why have any of them at the cabin given Paul the book mark, or the towel with Austin blood on it” why haven’t they gave the evidence to Paul??!?? Or why is it that victor has did so much but never get caught for doing anything or he doesn’t EVER GET INTO NOT TROUBLE?!?! I could go on for days. Now melissa Collins is leaving, why? Why she fired, her choice or what? I can’t blame her if she didn’t want to do a rape storyline cause rapes isn’t something whom have been before wants to see and relive that again. If she left cause that storyline when she is an attorney then I praise her for that!!! Good luck melissa you will be missed sorry you are going to be gone. Good luck best wishes. This may stirrup fans for watching. Your taking characters away we love and adore, we watch for them and destroy the some of the fan favorites.
    They have Sharon always crazy Pratt says he likes her that way but the fans don’t agree!!!! Dylan is better with Sharon his character came out and isn’t boring now. So don’t make Sharon or Dylan be in the mess of Avery leaving and one of them did it or you may lose more fans!!’!!!!!!!!! Why haven’t no one really notice tack isn’t jake he just don’t act like jack. Sage has did a lot of lying but nick thinks she is a blessing., what was the reason she couldn’t have kids and now she pregnant they are not telling her storyline. Sage has been a bad girl but no one know her, she is very private, doesn’t share to much.she made adam gave. I hope that gabe/ sage are who killed Delia and not adam that would be a great storyline!!! There so much they can write and do with the character to make the show better but listen to fan we have ideas we can sure help with ideas at least. But keep the main characters quite taking them off the show cause you will lose fans if you do. Why is it the woman are the weak ones lately. Why are the guys being the push over and demanding ones? I know fans don’t get heard by the writers and it’s to bad cause we are how you get ratings and Emmys plus pay checks!!! Just for once leave Sharon alone let Dylan and Sharon work on happy family, Sharon changing to be a good woman with her knight!! Let them have a child and play well together for once. Come on writers, producer and all you head people at young and the restless!!

  7. Wanda Parsons says

    Trust me when I say your viewing audience is sitting in their homes saying “this is stupid!” Y&R has been off the rails for some time now. The plane crash, the cave-in and certainly the murders! Bring back Billy Miller! Get rid of Lauralee Bell! She has never played a significant role and she doesn’t fit! …and yes I know who her Dad is. Stop drawing out a storyline. Your viewers get tired of the same ol’, same ol’ RIDICULOUS plot. It’s actually OKAY to let a couple be together, stay together and be happy!! You do not have to create conflict with EVERY cast member to have a story. I have one for you – Get rid of Christine – let Nikki and Paul be together and let Victor be by himself and LEAVE IT THAT WAY! The alcoholic Nikki routine is old and very unattractive. Along the same line, quit having couples breakup just to keep running back to each other, i.e., Nick and Sharon – Billy and Victoria – Victor and Nikki. Break the cycle!!! ALL daytime shows THINK they have to do this. Give it up already! Trust me – your viewing audience is sitting on their couches saying just that! Since you have my contact information, I am available for ideas and I wouldn’t cost as much. There’s an idea for you – actually let your fans have some input because you are going to lose them!

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