‘The Young And The Restless’ Comings And Goings: Young Royal Coming To Genoa City – How Will Luca Influence Current Storylines?

'The Young And The Restless' Comings And Goings: Young Royal Coming To Genoa City - How Will Luca Influence Current Storylines?

The Young and the Restless producers have put out a casting call for a new character, and this time it looks like Genoa City, Wisconsin will be getting a Royal resident. Daytime Confidential is reporting the casting department of The Young and the Restless is looking for a Spanish male named “Luca.” This character will be in his mid 20s to early 30’s and will be of royal descent on The Young and the Restless.

Luca, while being a part of the Spanish royal family, will not act as privileged character, and is said to be “his own man.” He is described as sexy, charismatic and a lady killer. The casting call also notes that the role will be recurring so fans will most likely get to see a little bit of Luca before they decide whether or not he is a keeper.

Fans are already speculating how Luca will fit into the storyline of The Young and the Restless. Some fans predict that Marissa could be of noble birth, and that Luca will be her brother. Other fans have noted that they would prefer for the writers to re-develop some of the current characters, instead of bringing in new ones.

Until we find out more information, we really will not know what role Luca will play in The Young and the Restless. Leave your predictions in the comment section below, and tell us how you would like to see the writers and producers fit Luca into The Young and the Restless.

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  1. Linda Price says

    Please quit bringing in all the new characters and bring back some that were on before. There are too many storylines to follow and it makes it very boring.

  2. Linda Price says

    Some of the ones that are on there now need to go like Kyle, AND SHARON for sure . Let Avery stay and get back with Dylan.

  3. Carol payne says

    We need to keep our charatet,s no new one’s ..when are we going to find out the killer? It is getting old You need to bring back Noah girl friend….get rid of Sharon and Joe and Kyle and Billy. Please do not take Avery. Mo new charater’s……

  4. helen says

    I agree with those who say to stop bringing in new characters, use the ones you have now and stop firing excellent veteran actors (such as Christian LeBlanc and Jessica Collins). Shameful!

  5. Char Lennon says


  6. Victoria Chester says

    What happened between Ridge and Victoria?

  7. pam says

    I say no more new ppl,,get rid of summer&bring back Adam,leave this Adam ,,,,but make him b someone else,,have him to go under surgery to look like himself,,,if u dont want him back cuz of summer,,get rid of her,,,

  8. pam says

    I too dont care for Kyle or sage,,nick&Sharron belong together…i like this guy tht plays Adam,,but. I really want the Adam he replaced back ,bring Danny back&have cricket & him fool around&her&Paul break up,,I dont like Paul wit Chris, I think paul&Lorin r good togeather ?

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