‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ Recap 2/16/15 and The Week Ahead: Homecomings, Weddings and Heartbreak

'The Bold and The Beautiful' Recap 2/16/15 and The Week Ahead: Homecomings, Weddings and Heartbreak

CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful is gearing up for an exciting week. Today’s episode [Feb 16,2015] set up the tone for the week and Feb 16-20 is going to be filled with homecomings, weddings and heartbreak.

Brooke [Katherine Kelly Lang] is still reeling from the rejection of Ridge [Thorston Kaye] last week. She has been in a drunken stuper and cannot seem to drag herself away from the bottle.  She is completely in a, “Woah is me mood.” HEY! here is some motivation Brooke, Katie [Heather Tom] wants you as her bridesmaid at your ex-fiance Bill Spencer’s [Don Diamont] wedding!  That is sure to drive Brooke further down the bunny hole.

Rick [Jacob Young] is invited to Katie’s big day but decides to sit this one out.  Because Rick is a big important CEO and has no time for trivial things like a wedding. Rick comments he does not have time for Billy and Katie 2.0, Rick and Maya laugh hysterically.

Ivy [Ashleigh Brewer] goes to Rick, Maya [Karla Mosley] is in the office with him and Ivy asks if she can loan Katie some accessories from their jewelry collection for her upcoming nuptials. Rick and Maya laugh and says she can if Katie doesn’t mind looking cheap! Does Rick intend to fire Ivy, will we see Quinn back at Forester creations soon?

Today Aly showed Rick her new shoe collection prototypes and Rick could not have been more mean if he tried.  As Aly modeled the shoes one the of the heels broke and Rick whispered to Maya, “Aly fell from the stupid tree and she hit each branch on the way down.” Poor Aly thought Rick liked her shoes, but Ivy tries to caution her not to be too enthusiastic.  You just know this is all going to end in tears and disappointment for Aly.

Brooke is torn about Katie’s request to stand up for Katie at her wedding to Bill, she loves her sister Katie but deep down still has feelings for Dollar Bill.  Brooke’s sister Donna [Jennifer Gareis] is not convinced Brooke is over Bill and thinks Brooke is replacing Bill with alcohol.  Brooke lets Donna know STAT! she is not interested in hearing what Donna has to say.

Bill asks Liam [Scott Clifton] and Justin [Aaron D. Spears] to be his groomsmen and Wyatt Fuller [Darin Brooks] to be his best man.

On Tues Feb 17 Brooke gets some unexpected help from her sister Donna [Jennifer Gareis], Brooke manages to get her dishevelled drunk self together for the “special” occasion (the wedding). As guests arrive at Kate and Bill’s wedding Ridge and Caroline show up for their first public appearance, they are not a big hit with the crowd that’s for sure.

On Thursday Feb 19 Liam comes home to an itsy bitsy teenie weenie bikini clad Steffy [Jacquelinne Mc Innes]. Steffy takes Liam for an innocent swim…and she tells Liam she is just doing what comes naturally and plants a seductive kiss on him-Liam seems to be at home with that kiss!  Steffy tells him all of her cards are on the table.  What does this all mean for poor Ivy?

'The Bold and The Beautiful' Recap 2/16/15 and The Week Ahead: Homecomings, Weddings and Heartbreak

Meanwhile at Quinn’s [Rena Sofer] batcave she’s still struggling with all her jealous feelings she has for Brooke. She says to Deacon, [Sean Kanan] “Why do you have to be at Brooke’s beck and call, why do you still have to be involved in her life?” Deacon explains the reason is because Brooke and him share a daughter together. Quinn is not buying it. I see the hamster wheels turning in Quinn’s head now.  Watch out Brooke!!

Rick finds out his dad Eric is coming home and is a little put off by it , he knows it is not going to go very well.  Now that’s an understatement, I can see the Forrester clan lining up to complain to Eric.

Friday Feb 20 Liam is forced to make a decision about Forrester Creations, does he retaliate against Rick and give Steffy what she wants or stay loyal to Ivy?  Steffy has made it clear to Ivy that she is no match for the history Steffy and Liam share.  Is Steffy right?

Now that Eric [John McCooke] is home he knows he needs to turn his company around.  Eric accepts full responsibility for what has transpired while he was away and now he wants to clean house starting with his out of control son Rick.  Good luck with that Eric, I wonder if he forgets he gave Rick irrevocable control of Forrester Creations for one year?

Rumors have been swirling that Ridge and Caroline will become so disgusted with Forrester Creations that they will up and leave and start-up Spectra Fashions again. (Remember this is just a rumor and not confirmed yet)

With Rick being so mean to Ivy I wonder if he is going to fire her and bring Quinn back?  Now that would be fun, imagine how delicious it would be to see Quinn and Rick go at it.

So what do you think SOSers, is Spectra Fashions coming back, can Eric control Rick, will Liam dump Ivy, will Brooke fall further into the bottle and will Ivy get fired by Rick?  Hit the comments and let us know what you think?

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  1. Loretta Gray says

    Rick is to over the top, it is about time for him to crash and burn. Maya use to like Aly but seems to have forgotten that while she is standing by her man. I am sorry that you have turned Brooke into “Nikki Newman”.

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