‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ News: Winsor Harmon Back On BB – Thorne Returns From Paris

'The Bold and the Beautiful' News: Winsor Harmon Back On BB - Thorne Returns From Paris

Hey all you “The Bold and the Beautiful” fans, Winsor Harmon has announced that he is officially returning and reprising his role as Thorne Forrester on the hit daytime soap.

Harmon is very excited about returning to The Bold and the Beautiful and says, “I’m extremely excited to be back. Even though I’ve kept in touch with everyone, I’ve missed working with my B&B family. I can’t wait to see what’s ahead.”

Thorne Forrester was last seen in July before he had to return to Paris to run the office.

Winsor Harmon joins Schae Harrison who is also recently announced that she too will be returning to The Bold and the Beautiful.

Harrison plays Darla, and is Throne’s deceased wife. It looks like the writers over at The Bold and the Beautiful are planning something involving this family, especially since they are bringing them all back. Harrison tweeted on May 15 that she would be returning and said, “Guess who’s coming back. Awesome story line!!”

At first we wondered in what ways Darla would interact with her children, but now we are questioning how she will affect her husband’s life as well. It will certainly be an interesting story line and we cannot wait to watch.

What do you think the writers over at “The Bold and the Beautiful” have planned for Thorne Forrester and Darla Forrester? Are you excited to hear that Winsor Harmon will be reprising his role and returning to The Bold and the Beautiful? Let us know all of thoughts and predictions in the comments below.

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