‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ (B&B) Interview: Pierson Fode Talks Thomas’ Love For Caroline, His Relationship With Ridge and More

'The Bold and the Beautiful' (B&B) Interview: Pierson Fode Talks Thomas' Love For Caroline, His Relationship With Ridge and More“The Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers teased that Thomas [Pierson Fode] tries to make amends with Ridge [Thorsten Kaye], according to Soap Opera Digest. Fode explained that Thomas felt an incredible amount of guilt about punching his father. He notes, “No child, adult or not, should hit their father ever.” Fode noted that apologizing to his father was not the only reason he returned. Thomas wants an answer to why he was banished out of the Los Angeles office.

Thomas returns with one thing on his mind; he wants to find out why his father punished him by sending him away. “Thomas left in such a hurry that now he wants to know what the deal was and why he was punished by banishment,” Pierson Fode explains. What he isn’t aware of is Caroline [Linsey Godfrey] spilled the tea on their intimate encounter- leaving his father furious with him.

In his mind, he begins to wonder if maybe his father knows about the incident, but he felt confident that Caroline would ever reveal the secret. The spoilers tease that Thomas will find out that Caroline is pregnant. Pierson Fode said, “For a minute, he wonders if the baby COULD be his, but he quickly dismisses it. He is unaware that his dad had a vasectomy. He feels surprised –completely surprised- learning that Caroline is expecting.”

The one thing that is really bothering Thomas is his broken relationship with his father. Fode noted that Thomas felt guilty for allowing his emotions to get the best of him and physically attack his father. “Thomas begins to wonder if there is more to the story. Something about the events doesn’t quite add up,” Pierson explained.

Thomas used the intern Charlotte as a distraction from his true feelings. “He doesn’t want to hurt her after rekindling a romance with her, but she is not who he wants to be with. Thomas is still in love with his new step-mother, Caroline,” Fode said. The fact is, Brooke [Katherine Kelly Lang] knows about Caroline’s pregnancy so it won’t take too long for Thomas to hear the scoop about her pregnancy. The real question is, will he put two and two together and wonder if she is pregnant with his child, or will he accept the fact that her baby could be his new sibling?

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