Soap Masterpieces November Throwbacks: Y&R’s Hope Wilson Tells Adam Victor Is His Real Father!

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 11.23.04 PMToday’s 30 days of soap celebration is when Hope [Signy Coleman] told Adam [Chris Engen] that she must tell him a secret. He looked at her horrified; he thought he knew everything about his sweet mother. The secret she tells him sends him in a tailspin; his life will never be the same.

Hope deeply loved Victor in a way that no one completely understood. She knew a very different person than other people knew. Victor was kind and gentle with her. He loved her and cared about her well-being. He also respected that she was a wonderful mother despite the fact she was completely blind.

She learned that she was dying and decided she needed to come clean to her young son. She sat him down with Victor present and told him that she had something to tell him. She said, “What I am going to tell you will upset you. I need you to stay calm. Can you promise me that? “He nods that he will stay calm and can handle whatever she has to tell him.

Hope tells him, “You are going to be okay now. I just know it.” She tells him that she is dying, she was diagnosed with an aggressive type of cancer. Adam said, “All those phone calls from college, you never mentioned that you were sick.”

Victor is standing near the back of the room. Adam says to him, “Are you the specialist?” Victor replied, “No, I am not.” He says, “I know who you are. You are Victor Newman. Why are YOU here?” He replied, “Your mother called me, and I came. We have been extremely close friends a very long time.” Hope tells him that their friendship started before he was born. Adam recalled meeting him before when he was a child. Victor was pleased; he remembered him. Adam tells her they will fight cancer. Victor and Hope told him that it was too late, she’s dying.

After a heartwarming chat with Victor downstairs, Hope calls for Victor to come to her again. She had a flashback of when she left Genoa City with an infant Adam. She cried remembering leaving the man she loved so much. Adam goes to her bedside to hold her hand. She tells him, “There something else we need to tell you. I asked Victor here so we tell you something very important. Adam, Victor is your father.” Adam looks at both, completely shocked.

After her death, Victor offered him an executive position at Newman Enterprises. He left his life as Adam Wilson and changed his name to Adam Newman. Do you remember this legendary storyline?

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