Soap Masterpieces November Throwbacks: GH’s Nina Clay Tells Franco His Fiance Carly Kissed Sonny

Soap Masterpieces November Throwbacks: GH's Nina Clay Tells Franco His Fiance Carly Kissed SonnyToday’s November soap memory throwback takes you back to August of 2014 when Nina Clay [Michelle Stafford] saw Sonny [Maurice Benard] and Carly [Laura Wright] lock lips. There was only one problem with the kiss- Carly was engaged to marry Franco [Roger Howarth], and he thought they were a happy couple. Nina lets the secret kiss slip out to Carly’s fiancée Franco Baldwin.

In 2014, Nina awoke from a twenty plus year coma and thought she was in a loving marriage to Dr. Silas Clay [Michael Easton]. She had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks for observation while she learnt to walk again and emotionally became ready to embrace life. She just so happened to witness Carly and Sonny’s lock lips while they talked about their children together.

She implied she had a secret to Franco; he knew it had to be about his loved ones, so he kindly DEMANDED she tells the information to him. She ended up blurting out, “I saw Carly and her Ex kissing outside.” Franco couldn’t believe his ears! He said, “You say what???” She replied, “I saw Carly and her ex locking lips in a long kiss.” Nina sensed that this information was too hard for Franco to process; she said she should have said anything to him.

Franco asked her where she was when she saw them smooch; Nina began to feel overwhelmed by his persistence. Nina tells him that she has been feeling unwanted after she learned that Silas didn’t want to be married to her anymore. She went outside to get fresh air and saw Carly and Sonny’s interaction. She said that he had every reason to worry about them being close- they are trouble together.

Franco asked her who kissed who. Nina tried to tell him he doesn’t need to know that, but Franco insisted he wanted to know. She says, “Sonny kissed her, but Carly did not push him away at any point.” She squeezed his hand and tells him she is sorry she is the person who has to tell him that his girlfriend is a cheating on him.

Franco becomes unglued, hitting the elevator door and stated he wanted to kill the son of a b*tch [referring to Sonny]. Nina begs him to stop hitting the elevator because he was going to hurt himself. She had a look of concern on her face. Nina stands up out of the wheelchair and tells him to stop. He is shocked that she can walk; revealing her big secret to him- Nina Clay can walk!

Do you remember the kiss that turned into a full fledge affair between Carly and Sonny? And, who can forget how the Halloween wedding at The Haunted Star turned into the wedding from hell?

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