‘General News’ News: Anthony Geary Says Goodbye to GH – Final Filming Completed

'General News' News: Anthony Geary Says Goodbye to GH - Final Filming Completed

After 37 years of entertaining fans and playing Luke Spencer on “General Hospital”, 68-year-old actor Anthony Geary has said goodbye to the role that has earned him countless fans, and years of memories.

Anthony Geary had no intentions of crying on his last day of General Hospital, but according to Entertainment Weekly, Geary could not help but shed a tear when his current and past cast members showed up to say goodbye and bid him farewell. Fan favorites like Kin Shriner, Finola Hughes, Leslie Charleson, Kristina Wagner, Lynn Herring, and obviously, Genie Francis, all showed up to say goodbye to Geary on his last day of the ABC soap General Hospital.


Maurice Benard, who plays Sonny Corinthos, also showed his appreciation for everything Anthony Geary has done for General Hospital by tweeting out a photo of himself with Geary that said, “To the legend Tony Geary not just a great actor but a great guy and I’m proud to call him my friend.”

After Geary shot his final scene of General Hospital on the Los Angeles set, close to 200 members of the cast and crew arrived to pay tribute to Geary who is best known to many as Luke Spencer. Geary joined the soap as Luke Spencer back in 1978 and has been a fan favorite ever since.

Frank Valentini, the executive producer of General Hospital displayed a video montage of some of Geary’s most iconic moments and scenes from his 37 years on General Hospital.

Genie Francis spoke at the farewell party for Anthony Geary and said, “Thank you for putting up with me as petulant teenager.” Of course, Francis was referring to her on screen relationship with Geary that really launched both actors into stardom. “Thank you for the best acting partnership I’ve ever known,” said Francis.

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Geary, got choked up during his farewell. At the event he spoke with Entertainment Weekly and said, “I’m excited to raise the curtain on act 3, to reinvent myself in my new home to pursue whatever opportunity there may be. It’s an exciting prospect to me. They’ve done a wonderful job of wrapping up the character. So this seems like the ideal time to go.”

Anthony Geary wanted fans to know that he is very optimistic about the future of soap operas, and despite the few years that shows were getting cancelled left and right, he believes that things will only continue to get better from here on it.

If you want to catch Anthony Geary’s last episode of General Hospital, be sure to tune-in to his farewell arc this summer.

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    I have a good friend who LOVES this show. She never misses it.

  2. marie says

    I have not watched this show In a long time, but good luck to him!

  3. DJ HIXSON says

    watched this soap since first airing,missed very few shows.BUT I must say they need a medical person on staff, all soaps do.Things just do not happen like they say.This show was the reason I became an RN.Brother was I in shock when I hit the real hospital.

  4. Holly @ Woman Tribune says

    It’s always tough when an actor leaves a show for other projects. We sometimes can’t even imagine the shows without them there.

  5. Lisa says

    I can’t believe that he’s leaving. It will be weird to not have him come back!

  6. Karen Dawkins says

    I’m not a GH fan, but I admire anyone who commits 37 years to a career! How awesome that he has put his heart into his work. I am sure his farewell was worth every tear.

  7. Jessica Harlow says

    37 years is a super long career on just one show! Best of luck to Anthony Geary in his new endeavors!

  8. Shauna says

    My mother has watched this show since 1975. I was born in 1980 and of course I got stuck watching it. Some of my earliest memories were of GH. Luke and Laura, Robert and Anna. Robin. These ppl got me through the awkward teenage years when I hated everybody and everything. They were and are like family to me. Most children say Mama or Dada as their first words. Not me. My first word was Luke. Tony Geary, you are a legend and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for portraying Luke Spencer for all these years. You are an inspiration to anyone! God Bless.

  9. R U S S says

    Anthony Geary is indeed a legend. It must have been heartbreaking for the rest of the cast and crew. GH wont be the same without him.

  10. Elizabeth Towns says

    I promise he left soaps when I was 18-years-old! I had no idea he was still on daytime television. Good for him – stay with the career that you love and it loves you back!

  11. Ourfamilyworld says

    It’s hard to say goodbye when you’ve worked with these people for years. My daughter loves to watch this.

  12. Elizabeth O. says

    The show won’t be the same without him, for sure. Good luck to him.

  13. Debbie Denny says

    I still remember when he first showed up. A legend he is.

  14. CourtneyLynne says

    It’s always sad to say goodbye to characters on shows! I always get wayyy too attached lol…wishing him the best!

  15. Rebecca Swenor says

    I used to watch General Hospital all the time for many years but haven’t see it in like 10 years. Anthony Geary is one of the main actors I have always remembered. Sorry to see him go. Thanks for sharing.

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