‘General Hospital’ (GH) Spoilers Wed, September 2: Anna Devane Is Back, Morgan Blasts Sonny, Carly Confides in Jake

'General Hospital' (GH) Spoilers Wed September 2: Anna Devane Is Back, Morgan Blasts Sonny, Carly Confides in JakeIt’s day one of the Sonny and Carly wedding spectacular in Port Charles – check out these ‘General Hospital’ spoilers for a look at what’s in store on the Wednesday September 2nd show.

First, it’s back to school day in Port Charles. We won’t be seeing too much of the kids now that Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman are at the helm, so eat those cute kiddies up while you can!

Hayden Barnes [Rebecca Budig] and Nicolas Cassadine [Tyler Christopher] are playing house with Spencer Cassadine [Nicolas Bechtel] before his first day of school. Spoiled rich kid Spencer is dressed up in fine style for his first day of school and Hayden thinks he’s adorable. Momless Spencer eats up the attention from the amnesiac house guest.

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Then Hayden gets a memory flash of a steamy makeout session with Nikolas. That’s a nice surprise. But then she gets another memory of them talking about Jake Doe [Billy Miller]. Hayden asks Nikolas if he knows Jake’s identity and he considers, then lies and says no. Hayden doesn’t believe him but keeps her mouth shut. She’ll think about it later.

It’s also Emma Drake’s [Brooklyn Rae Silzer] first day back to school and she gets a special visitor that interrupts her breakfast with Sam Morgan [Kelly Monaco] and Patrick Drake [Jason Thompson]. It’s her grandma Anna Devane [Finola Hughes] back from Scotland and France where she went to spread Duke Lavery’s ashes and visit with Robin Scorpio.

Anna catches them up on her trip. They catch Anna up on all the goings on in Port Charles. Anna tells them she’s settling in Port Charles for a while. She’s feeling guilty about her law-skirting activities before she left and wants to make things right. The first thing Anna has planned is making everyone pay who was involved in the rigged mayoral election. She’ll have her hands full!

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After his talk with Morgan Corinthos [Bryan Craig] at the MetroCourt, Michael Quartermaine [Chad Duell] is increasingly concerned about his brother. Michael shares his concerns with sweetie Sabrina Santiago [Teresa Castillo]. Mikey says he’s torn because he doesn’t want Sonny Corinthos [Maurice Benard] to think he’s forgiven him for killing AJ, but Morgan asked him to be at the wedding for him.

Sabrina encourages him to support his brother but only if it feels right. Michael decides to show up for Morgan. Little does he know, Morgan is already way off the rails. Morgan is in a full-on mental tail spin and is over at Sonny’s crib screaming at him, blaming him for his mental problems. The thing is, Sonny does feel to blame for them, so he totally sympathizes with Morgan’s point of view.

Will Sonny be able to get Morgan to agree to talk to Dr Kevin Collins [Jon Lindstrom]? Or will it need to be a more drastic step and Morgan may need to take a mental health break at Shadybrook? Carly Corinthos [Laura Wright] is missing this drama because she’s sharing her concerns about Morgan with her bestie Jake who at first notes her glum mood and interprets it as cold feet.

Carly reassures him she’s 100% sure the wedding is right, but she’s worried about her sons. Carly tells him about Morgan’s unraveling mental state and about Michael’s refusal to attend the wedding. She fills him on why Michael doesn’t want to come and that she hopes he’ll change his mind. Does any of this trigger Jake’s memory? AJ was, after all, Jake’s brother…

In last minute wedding prep news, TJ Ashford [Tequan Richmond] has a wedding cake emergency and calls in Molly Lansing Davis [Haley Pullos] to see the mess he’s made. He thinks his mistake will wreck the wedding and Molly isn’t sure how to help. Later, guests start showing up but it will be several days before we get to vows and the actual ceremony.

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