‘General Hospital’ Rumors: The Road Ahead – Luke Killed His Mom, Morgan Drugs Michael, Franco Blackmails Olivia, Robin Returns

'General Hospital' Rumors: The Road Ahead - Luke Killed His Mom, Morgan Drugs Michael, Franco Blackmails Olivia, Robin Returns

General Hospital is never short on rumors and the rumor mill has been working overtime lately. With so many unfinished storylines fans have been speculating non-stop about what is going to happen, so we decided to compile some of the more interesting rumours for you.  Again, remember these are RUMORS!  We hope you enjoy them!

The Luke/Fluke story has been going on far too long and rumor has it the whole story is starting to wind down.  Word on the street is the demon Luke Spencer [Anthony Geary] was fighting one deep dark secret that is about to be revealed.   The secret that will soon be revealed is that Luke attempted to kill his drunken abusive father but instead he killed his beloved mother. Oh Em Gee!  It all went down in the basement, could he have used the baseball bat we all saw him swinging around when he was halucinating?

All My Children alum, Rebecca Budig is set to stay longer than it takes her to break up Liz and Jake/Jason. Rumor has it she sets her eyes on a Prince and gets tangled up in the ELQ shenanigans.  Lets hope Rebecca stays around for a while it would be nice to see Nikolas be happy in a romance for once.

As Tracy [Jane Elliot] and Lulu [Emme Rylan] are hot on the Spencer family trail they come across older sister Patricia Spencer’s daughter Valerie [Brytni Sarpy]  on March 20, 2015. Valerie is set to stay around for awhile as the story develops.

General Hospital will bring a character back at the end of May for May sweeps.  It could be Stephen Nichols but this rumor has not been substantiated.

Rumor has it that all of the pieces are slowly coming together with the Jake/Jason storyline.  Tittle-tattle has it that one person in Port Charles finds out who Jake/Jason is, could that person be Elizabeth? Will she keep quiet? Of course she will because sources tell us that the big Jason reveal is not until November sweeps! Say it aint so!

Morgan [Bryan Craig] and Kiki [Hailey Erin] will stop at nothing to get their baby sister out of the clutches of vengeful crazed Michael [Chad Duell]. Morgan will go to huge lengths to show the world and the judge that Michael is a boozer just like daddy dearest A.J [Sean Kanan] and unfit to have baby sister Avery. Hot gossip is that Morgan will actually switch Michael’s allergy medicine with something that makes him drowsy and appear drunk and spread rumors about the Quartermaine’s and how they are all drunks! Will this be enough to get Avery back home with the Corinthos family?  Something tells me this plan is not going to work like Morgan wants.

'General Hospital' Rumors: The Road Ahead - Luke Killed His Mom, Morgan Drugs Michael, Franco Blackmails Olivia, Robin ReturnsFranco and Nina get cut loose from Shadybrooke but have no place to go? No worries these two are double-trouble and find a way to fix that situation pronto. Can you guess what it is ? Franco pulls the Ace with Olivia’s face on it out of his pocket, yes that’s right folks he blackmails Olivia.  Remember when Olivia visited him at Shadybrooke she thought Franco was fried from a LSD trip so she spilled the beans about Julian being her baby Daddy. Unbeknownst to Olivia, Franco was faking. After Franco confronts Olivia with his ace card, Franco and Nina are no longer homeless they will  be living at the Metro Court with all of the trimmings.

Sources say Patrick [Jason Thompson] is so head-over-heels in love with Sam [Kelly Monaco] he can’t think of anything else, he pops a big question. He wants Same to move in with him and Emma and she agrees. The happy couple think they are living happily ever after, Emma [Brooklyn Rae Silzer] has a new baby brother [Danny Morgan] and all is well…..oh wait it’s a soap and there is nothing better than to see a couple all settled in when the ex-wife shows up. Yes look for Robin [Kimberley McCullogh] to return to stir up that happy couple and then some.  Further rumors tease that Robin will be the one to let everyone know that Jason is alive.

So what do you think SOS’ers? Can you wait until November sweeps for the big long anticipated Jason reveal? Are you looking forward to Robin coming back? Will Morgan and Kiki succeed in taking Avery away from Michal? Please share your thoughts in the SOS comments below.  Make sure to come back to SOS regularly for all the GH news, fashion rumors and more!

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  1. Valerie Colao says

    I really hope the writers will reconsider the timing of Jasons reveal. Fans are getting fed up with the way it is taking so so so very long for revealing his identity. GH will loose ratings if it takes much longer!!!

    1. Annemarie LeBlanc says

      I 100% agree after the Fluke/Luke debacle you think they would know better!

      1. susan says

        I 100% agree after the Fluke/Luke debacle you think they would know better!


        um they never learn…they keep on doing the same thing, over, and over, and over again…..


    2. susan says

      I so agree, I mean come on we waited a whole year for fluke, and it almost didnt’ happen……and now Jason……

      they need it to be done with by the next sweeps, ok, I don’t see it done in may…but by summer’s end, it needs to be done….


    3. Janet says

      That’s te way a soap opera works have to drag certain storylines long!!

  2. Tani says

    I know killing your mother his horrible but ron said it would be a double shocker?somehow i thought it would be something more traumatic liked his mother molested him something not really done in daytime but oh well. My idea for Jason’s reveal was somehow during some big event jake is ordered to kill someone by his boss Julian and Robin shows up to stop him & she blurts out he’s jason in front of the party?He will remember he saw her image who talked him out killing Patrick and Sam.Finally Jason and Sam are still married so tptb can have months of pitting both liason fans and jasam fans against each other but in the end both Sam & Jason will choose each other over Patrick and Liz.And i dont want to see another baby born where the parents are in love with other people? tired of it.

    1. susan says

      this is what I said on another site that I belong to


      you know what I’m getting from this…..zb will know what I’m talking about…that luke’s father wasn’t a child beater, a wife beater or anything else like that….he was a mean little child…that would do anything for attention…we’ve heard bobbie say repeatedly that she doesn’t really remember what happened in their family she was too young….only what luke’s told her…so…what if he told her stuff that he did, and he blamed his dad for it……

      ok..here’s the part from gl…there was this boy will….he was given up for adoption at birth….because of his cruel uncle Edmund….who wanted to be the prince, instead of his brother….anyway…..they had will grow up a bit…and he was with his mother…..(adopted, I think)…..he had her lover and aunt in a house and turned on the gas…so they’d choke to death, I know that I’m not remembering some stuff right…but that’s what he did….his mom eventually had to take him away, because at the age of 7 he was proving to be more cruel then his uncle Edmund even dreamt of…and all that…

      and in a series that I watch…called Murdoch…there was this little boy who killed someone, and Murdoch asked at the end, can a child be born bad….because the child had no conscience at all, he was I think supposed to be 10..

      and there’s more, that I can use, but won’t…

      what I’m saying is that if they do have luke murdering his family any member at all…then that will turn him into a true sociopath……they have no remorse for what they did….and a lot of people have always thought that luke truly raped laura….so in the end if this is the case, then that will be the case, it won’t be that he let his emotions run away with him…it will have been out and out rape….and a person can change for years to come….but in the end, the bad kind of always comes out……on tv or in real life……which I know of a case so to speak…..in real life….


    2. susan says

      liked his mother molested him something not really done in daytime but oh well

      it kind of was…..remember ryan…kevin’s brother…and he was a real creep in the end….well that was his back story…that mom jasmine was molesting ryan…..they would have special time in the bathtub…..(came out on port Charles) and one day kevin wanted to see what mommy and ryan’s special time was all about….their dad victor came home…and found what his wife was doing, and took kevin to live in Europe…the boys were said to be around 4….and that’s why he and ryan grew up apart…and had different names….in order not for ryan and their mom to find kevin and victor, not sure if he changed his name, but he might have….ryan had a fixation with women that had blonde hair….after that, because of mommy jasmine…and it was sort of like norman bates on that movie…lol..can’t spell it, so that’s why I’m not saying it…..norman and ryan ended up with a mommy fixation because of it..and killed in her name….that kind of idea…so yes that story has been done on daytime….before


      1. susan says

        Sam & Jason will choose each other over Patrick and Liz.And i dont want to see another baby born where the parents are in love with other people? tired of it.

        yuck…I’d want Jason this time around not to be in love with sam anymore..yes, take care of danny, still, but not the push shove that we always get….

        and let Patrick and sam have themselves…..because personally since he’s been with sam, and all that, I don’t like him anymore…

        or maybe Jason and robin and liz can be a threesome…that’s what I’d love…I’m still peeved that they broke up Jason and robin in the first place…lol….

  3. Janet says

    I’m sure looking forward for the rerun of robin, and the other storylines the months go by fast!!!

  4. steve hardy says

    This show has deteriorated over the past 5 years to the point of insanity of reason now! Luke’s role is a joke and let Geary retire already and let this soap opera be cancelled. It’s utter stupidity and insulting to watch. TJ and Molly went nowhere. GH is now a show about disturbed individuals.

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