‘General Hospital’ Poll: Who Will Jake End Up With Once the Truth Comes Out About Jason Morgan?

'General Hospital' Poll: Who Will Jake End Up With Once the Truth Comes Out About Jason Morgan?

Now that General Hospital’s Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst) knows that Jake Doe (Billy Miller) is really Jason Morgan post-plastic surgery, what will happen? Let’s theorize! Well first of all, Liz will have some questions for Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) about how he knew and why he was keeping it secret. Nikolas will NOT come clean – the Prince is definitely turning into a real Cassadine.

Nikolas will blame it all on Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) and likely will claim that he just found out. But good thing for him, Liz will have stars in her eyes about Jake/Jason being single (as far as he knows) and may let her hormones ride roughshod over her sense of decency. The man is married and has a kid that would like to see him. But let’s face it, Liz has loved Jason for a long time.

“General Hospital” gossip also indicates that Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) will figure out who Jake really is. In upcoming weeks, Patrick will decide to take a “keep your enemies closer” stance and, rather than acting out on his jealousy over Sam Morgan’s (Kelly Monaco) friendship with Jake, he’ll buddy up to Jake himself. It’s a sound theory.

You’ll remember that Patrick is also Jake’s head doc. Between spending time with Jake and the medical info, looks like Patrick may also piece together that Jake is really Jason. So will he tell Sam? Hell to the no! After all, Patrick loves Sam and there are a number of grounds that he can use to justify his actions. First, Jason is a dangerous mobster and Sam and Danny are safer with him.

Second, Jake has no clue who he is – Patrick can tell himself that since Jake has no memories of Sam or Danny, it will be too painful for them. There’s a litany of reasons that Patrick can use to rationalize keeping Jake’s identity a secret. Damien Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) and/or Carly Jax (Laura Wright) may also figure out that Jake is Jason at some point before the reveal.

After all, Damien and Carly were besties with Stone Cold, and it seems like some of Jason’s mannerisms would survive. Jake has Jason’s muscle memory when it comes to gun play and physical violence, so why not in the way he stirs his coffee, slumps in a chair and scratches his ear? And speaking of Carly, before she and Jason were BFFs, they had some shagtastic fun… Any chance for romance to blossom between she and the sexy amnesiac before he remembers who he is?

“General Hospital” spoilers also indicate that the rarely seen Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) will run into Jake at GH. Perhaps Monica Q will see a glimmer of her son in the stranger’s face? And why doesn’t Sam recognize her bad boy lover’s body if nothing else? Damien sure thought he saw the Stone Cold booty when he observed Jake’s stance the first time he saw him… And, importantly, there’s one more former love of Jason’s that may already know that Jake = Jason. Robin!

Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) has been hanging with the Cassadines, Cesar Faison and other various criminal cretins and since all of them know that Jason lived – as does Robin – she should know that Jake and Jason are one and the same. And although McCullough has said she’s too busy working behind the scenes on Pretty Little Liars, she could show back for an episode or two to blow up the whole Jason/Jake thing. But would she stay if a Robin/Jason romance could rekindle?

So, what do you think GH Fans? Who would you like to see Jason end up with whether he gets his memory back or not?

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  1. LoloBoo says

    Liz for the win! There has been way TOO much agenda to keep Liz and Jason apart on GH, and I find it silly since this is a SOAP OPERA!

    1. Sida Smith says

      If Jiz was so hot they would have done that couple along time ago. The things is there is no chemistry between Liz and Jason, and they let him marry Courtney right in Liz face!If they(Jiz)had any fans except Ryan/Richard the mag people who do a lot of lying and trying to get Jiz, it would never come up. They did Jiz and for 2 years the ratings dropped because of no chemistry and fans really don’t care for Liz. They keep trying to pimp this woman and she just do not have it. I am sick of seeing her try, and have decided with others to just turn GH off for good!Luck with Jiz and GH!

    2. Cindy Jasam says


  2. Tani says

    I think in the short term Jake will choose liz especially if he has no memories of Sam but the end game will be Sam.I have never been a Jason or Jasam fan until Billy joined the show but i know their history and their fans have been with them forever i have no doubt that Sam is Jason’s true Love and visa versa!

  3. Phyllis says

    Lying is never good! Elizabeth has been with Jason &they have not stayed together! Bring Lucky back for her. Now there was chemistry there!!!

  4. carrie mackie says

    He will pick Liz cause that’s who he has had the pull to since day one. Not Sam or Carly. Just good old Elizabeth. Maybe just maybe the #liason fans can have that happy ending. Give Sam an Danny the happy safe life with Patrick and Emma.

  5. LizFF says

    Liz has known Jason a lot longer then Sam, in fact Jason disliked Sam when he met her. She’s not his one true love, if that were true she wouldn’t have fallen for Silas or Patrick. Sam & Patrick should stay together, and Liz & Jason should be together it’s their time. Liason fans have been around a lot longer then Jasam fans, since 1999 Sam wasn’t even on the show. Another thing Billy & Kelly have zero chemistry together, he has the most chemistry with Becky.

  6. Peytra says

    I have always been a liaison fan, but this is NOT the way I wanted this to go. There is an undeniable connection between Jake/Liz, he had plenty of memories of their past, and as it stands right now he is drawn to her, more than he is to Sam. I so wish that Liz went with her first instincts, that all his loved ones including him, deserved the truth, especially after what Ric just did. This storyline would’ve been so much better, had she told the truth, he & Sam got back together, but in the end he couldn’t deny his feelings for Liz, and Sam’s feelings had moved on, so they decided mutually to move on.

    1. Annemarie LeBlanc says

      I agree I don’t like how they handled this. Liz should have told everyone. When Jake finds out Liz knew he was Jason it is going to be the end of their relationship.

  7. Shelley says

    Jason and Sam belong together. Liz is keeping him from his wife and son, that is not love and it certainly isn’t fate keeping them together, it’s Liz lying.

  8. cindy says

    It is totally way wrong for Liz to keep the truth about Jason for her own selfish reason. Jason should know that he has a son and a wife that still loves him very much. Even though she is trying to make a new life with Patrick . Can’t wait to see Sam finally get to tell Jason he is a daddy. Danny even has a special connection with Jake, don’t nobody remember how Danny was always going into his dads room after the car accident. Is it right for him no to know that his daddy is alive. But when the truth comes out Liz will be left out in the cold and karma is a b???h. And it will serve her right…….

  9. sheri409 says

    Sam danny know right away who jason wad remeber at thevhospitalbhe needs his real father

  10. Laurie says

    Liz and Jason! It’s their time. Becky and Billy have So much chemistry. Leave Sam with Patrick. They also have lots of chemistry and make an awesime blended family!

  11. Altagracia Hedrington says

    I’m hoping. In the long run she tells him the truth and they still retain a friendship but I hope she gets a baby girl out of it !

  12. patricia maikowski says

    he will go with liz until he remembers sam and danny.

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