‘General Hospital’ Poll: Who Will Be Liz’s Date To ‘GH’ Holiday Gala – Jason, Nikolas, Franco? Vote Now!

'General Hospital' Poll: Who Will Be Liz's Date To 'GH' Holiday Gala - Jason, Nikolas, Franco? Vote Now!General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers tease that despite getting dumped by Jason Morgan [Billy Miller], Liz Webber [Rebecca Herbst] will turn up to the Nutcracker Gala with a date. GH spoilers further indicate that the identity of her date will be a shocker.

So who will be on Liz’s arm for the GH holiday gala at the MetroCourt? Check out the possibilities below then vote in our POLL on who you think will be Liz’s date to the big holiday shindig.

#1 Jason – Although he just told her they’re done because she broke their love with her lies, maybe Jason will relent and squire her to the ball. However, this one seems less likely since he seems pretty well done with her, but maybe Jason just can’t let her go and decides to keep a past promise to take her.

#2 Franco – After Carly Corinthos [Laura Wright] verbally assaulted Liz, Franco [Roger Howarth] comforted Liz. Because he knows how hard it is to be the one all of Port Charles hates, maybe he invites her to third wheel with him and Nina Clay [Michelle Stafford] to the big gala so she’s not alone.

#3 Nikolas – Since Nikolas Cassadine [Tyler Christopher] is in the same boat of resentment as Liz, maybe he’ll invite her to join him and Hayden Barnes [Rebecca Budig]. Both knew about her lies and aren’t judging her for it. We know Nik and Jason brawl at the gala, so maybe Liz being Nik’s spare date is why.

#4 Sam and Jason – Strange as it sounds, maybe because he can’t decide between Liz and Sam, Jason goes with both on the world’s weirdest love triangle date. That would certainly set tongues wagging all across Port Charles. But I can’t imagine any of them would enjoy that.

#5 Little Jake – Maybe Liz will cart out her son with Jason, Jake Spencer [James Nigbor], so she’s not alone and so Jason will see them and remember he has a family with her, too. No doubt Jake being there would mean Jason couldn’t ignore Liz all night…

So what do you think, GH fans? Who is Liz’s Nutcracker Gala mystery date? Take the POLL below then share your thoughts in the comments. Who would be willing to be seen with Liz in public? Did Liz choose her date to make Jason jealous? Or because she didn’t have much choice now that everyone hates her?

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