‘General Hospital’ POLL: How Many Times Has Helena Cassadine ‘Died’ – Is She Really Dead This Time? VOTE!

'General Hospital' POLL: How Many Times Has Helena Cassadine 'Died' - Is She Really Dead This Time? VOTE!In the 1980s, Helena Cassadine [Elizabeth Taylor] was brought to life by a legendary screen actress and Taylor did not disappoint. She showed up to Luke Spencer [Anthony Geary] and Laura Spencer’s [Genie Francis] wedding and cursed them and their union.

Helena came in with a bang, so it was a bit disappointing that she went out with a whimper – portrayed ably by Constance Towers until the end. But haven’t we seen Helena dead before? How many times has Helena Cassadine “died” over the years and is she really gone for good?

Over the years, Helena has been on her deathbed a number of times. You’ll recall back in 1996, she was bedridden and weak, but then came back to her fighting strength and began wreaking havoc anew. Then a couple of years later, Stefan Cassadine [Stephen Nichols] tried to poison his evil mom.

At the time, she seemed near death – she was paralyzed and mute. But, of course, she had an antidote and was faking her catatonic state. Soon, Helena was back to evil. Even though the poison didn’t take the first time, someone tried it again.

In 2009, Helena was poisoned and near death. This time, it was another attempt on the matriarch’s life by a family member. This time rumored to be the result of an attack by the worst Cassadine of all – Valentin Cassadine.

He’s never been seen on screen, but is supposedly terrifying. Even with this second attempt at offing her with a toxin, Helena once again came back from near death. There have also been a couple of times where Helena was presumed dead – over and above being just close to death.

The first “real” death was in 2013 when Luke shot Helena after she threatened Ethan Lovett [Nathan Parsons], Lulu Spencer [Emme Rylan] and Laura. Luke was justified in the shooting, but why didn’t he make sure the old broad was really pushing up daisies. Nope.

They didn’t check to make sure she had flatlined and Victor Cassadine [Thaao Penghlis] rescued the old bat and put her in cold storage alongside Stavros and Jason Morgan [Steve Burton at the time]. But then Robin Scorpio [Kimberly McCullough] came up with a drug to thaw them out.

All three came out of their pop-sicle state but Stavros ended up shot by Dante Falconeri [Dominic Zamprogna]. Jason escaped but, like a cockroach or embarrassing baby photo, Helena can never be vanquished.

We do have to wonder if she survived freezing and thawing because Helena is the ultimate ice queen…

Then there was her penultimate “death” when Crichton-Clark clinic went boom thanks to Victor hitting the self-destruct switch. And why do villains always, always have a self-destruct switch? Don’t they know by now it always comes back to burn them – and in Victor’s case, that’s quite literal!

Helena was assumed to be dead for a bit after the Crichton-Clark explosion, but then roared back to life and cursed the inhabitants of Port Charles (yet again). Finally, Helena went to be with Mikos in the great beyond last week.

The Cassadine matriarch may have pictured them recoupling up in heaven, but it’s far more likely those two are somewhere a good deal hotter! Since Helena came on the scene with a curse, it was fitting she would go out after one.

But her passing (if that’s what it was) seemed anticlimactic. Her death was so sudden and lacked violence or high drama – Helena’s hallmarks. In fact, it was so peaceful that it has us wondering if she really is dead at all.

Sure Nikolas Cassadine [Tyler Christopher] seems aggrieved and sad, but that just means he isn’t in on her scam – if a fake death is what Helena rigged. But since Constance Towers is getting on in years, it makes sense she would want to come back and give fans closure.

But aren’t we all secretly hoping that she’ll pop back up later kidnapping someone, brainwashing them or scheming with underworld associates? If Helena is truly dead this time – she will be missed.

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