‘General Hospital’ News: Nathan Varni Dishes On Jason Thompson’s Exit – What Will Happen To Emma?

'General Hospital' News: Nathan Varni Dishes On Jason Thompson's Exit - What Will Happen To Emma?General Hospital” star Jason Thompson announced he taped his final scenes on the ABC soap opera. Since his announcement, fans are dying to know what will happen to his daughter, Emma [Brooklyn Rae Silzer]. The young child hasn’t had an easy life with her barely there, mother Robin Scorpio [Kimberley McCullough], and now a father who will be leaving Port Charles in the coming weeks.

Finola Hughes [Anna DeVane] announced at a “GH” fan event last month that Thompson would appear on the show until just before Christmas when he leaves the show in a dramatic exit. On Nov. 21, the loved actor posted to Instagram that he was taping his final scene for the show, and it was extremely emotional for him. Fans were hoping that Thompson would remain on the show until the end of January; however, it is looking like that is not a possibility.

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Executive producer, Nathan Varni revealed that there are not immediately plans to recast the role of Patrick Drake. He isn’t sure whether they will resurrect the character, ever. He noted they planned on focusing on current characters with bringing characters from the dead or casting new characters.

Varni explained that Patrick’s exit would be emotional and will be ‘a big story.’ He noted that the fans would be happy with how the story develops and ends just before Christmas. Patrick’s exit will involve not only Robin, but will resolve around Robert Scorpio’s [Tristan Rogers] return, and Sam Morgan’s [Kelly Monaco] attachment to Jason Morgan’s [Billy Miller] memory.

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General Hospital” executives have stayed tight-lipped about how Patrick’s storyline will end. Is it possible that Patrick and Robin will ride off in the sunset, living happily ever after? It’s a possibility; however, if that happens why would Emma stay in Port Charles?

A “GH” representative assured ABC Soaps in Depth that Brooklyn Rae Silzer’s contract status has not changed, and she will stay on the show. They hinted she would be living ‘with family’ after her parents leave town. It left the question- who will she live with, and why did her parents leave her? The story is still developing; Soap Opera Spy will bring you more details as they are available in the coming weeks.

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  1. Jeannette says

    As much as I love Brooklyn Rae Silzer and her portrayal of Emma… it seems that the best thing for the show would be to have her leave with Patrick and Robin and then at some point, for some reason, bring her back. There is NO WAY.. NOTHING that would make Patrick leave Emma behind. It would be completely inconsistent with his character. So unless they kill both Robin and Patrick… have them take their daughter and then find a plausible way to bring her back.

  2. Amanda says

    I agree that it would be out of character for Patrick to leave Emma. My stomach turns at the thought that she will be parent less. I love her! I’ll play Robin just to have a parent for Emma!

  3. elm says

    if robin & patrick leave together then they should take emma with them – if she stays in port charles she either has to live with anna which i can’t see because anna didn’t even raise robin OR she will live with amc which is not fair because he raised robin…………………..

  4. Jean Marie says

    Always recast…never lose a strong plot actor

  5. Barbara says

    If Emma stays behind she will probably stay with Anna or Sabrina! I will hate to see her leave as she is a sweet heart!

  6. Marsha says

    Please don’t end Patrick’s story line. Replace him. He is needed in the script. Maybe he and Elizabeth can come together.

  7. Angela says

    Patrick would never leave Emma! Poor Emma will be a confused abandoned child who parents didn’t want to stay with her. If the writers keep this up.

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