‘General Hospital’ Interview: Nathan Varni Spills Details On GH Coming Storylines

'General Hospital' Interview: Nathan Varni Spills Details On GH Coming StorylinesABC executive Nathan Varni promised that September is going to be the month to watch on “General Hospital.” We Love Soaps reported on Aug. 14, Varni was excited about Michelle Stafford, Jason reveal, and Anthony Geary’s possible return. He thanked the “GH” fans for being loyal and passionate about the hit daytime drama.

He revealed that the show wanted to add depth to the characters and show an emotional side to each of the characters. He said the new writers, Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante have a big job ahead of them. He wanted to change the way “General Hospital” is written. “Our goal is not to develop a storyline and then drop it off never to speak of it again. We want to wrap up storylines and keep the show fresh,” Varni said.

He said he was excited to work with Billy Miller. He has been a fan of his for many years and was thrilled when he was brought on to play the role of Jake/Jason. He said the revelation that Jake is really Jason will be an explosive transition on the show. He also recognized that many “GH” fans are upset that it has taken over a year for Jake to realize he was Jason. He promised that the big reveal is coming very soon.

One of the biggest events of September will be Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly’s (Laura Wright) wedding plans. The wedding will center around bring the Corinthos family together. Is it possible that Michael (Chad Duell) will forgive Sonny and Carly for having a hand in his biological father’s death? Varni suggested it is a real possibility.

He praised the work of Kiki (Hayley Erin). He said she was ‘hitting it out of the park.’ Fans of the show would disagree with his opinion. She is one of the most unpopular characters on “GH”.

He teased that Anthony Geary will return at some point. He said it won’t be soon, but he will one day. It could be up to two years until Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) comes back to Port Charles.

SOS fans, are you excited about the Jason reveal, or did you lose interest? How do you feel about Hayley Erin’s performance? And, will Luke Spencer return?

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  1. Linda says

    I do not like the new Oil I. Way too tall, acting doesn’t seem real at all, always looks like she’s trying to fit the part but not part of the show.
    Jason I believe you’ve lost quite a few long time watchers with the slow process of bringing Jason to the forefront. Billy Miller is doing a great job.
    Once we heard that Ron C was let go we decided to give a little more time to bring Jason to the forefront

  2. Carol Smith says

    I think the new Kiki is doing a GreatbJob. Of course not as good as Kristen Alderson But I Sure wish Everyone would Stop Hating on her. The show needs to stop getting rid of the Good old Characters and bringing in new creepy people, that’s not Fair to our Long time characters.,for instance they BETTER NOT get rid of Elizabeth after bringing on that Horrible Hayden hated her on AMC also. I want Jason to still love and be with Liz even after he finds out he’s really Jason and No I don’t see why it’s taking so long to find out the truth. Get rid of Nicholas and Hayden, Rick, Madeline, Nina and Ava Kiki and Morgan

  3. Lisa says

    The Jason reveal needs to happen soon and ALL aspects and reactions need to be played. Lil Jake is alive did not allow for other reactions. Never to see his brothers is ridiculous. I totally disagree anout the new Kiki. I tried to like her, and the actress is fine. But TPTB should try to get KA back. HE cannot play this character with the nuances like KA. Especially if Kiki ends up being Nina’s daughter. It will be a “who cares ” without Silas and the new Kiki. Bring back ME as McBain. We took the 3 OLTL characters and I love them but the new characters don’t work. Starr, Todd, and McBain are out there. We will take them back.

  4. Diane says

    Haley had the facial expressions but not one tear came out of her eyes. Soap actresses appear to be able to turn tears on like a faucet. She overplayed the scenes but underplayed the emotion. I’m not impressed.

  5. Gail says

    The Kiki character needs to be recast she is a horrible actress can’t even produce tears in what was her biggest scene bring back the original Kiki please

    1. Donna says

      I agree with you That have to bring the original Kiki backThis one we have now lacks something And for sure bring back on Diane,Carlos Spinnelli and most of all Michael Easton /Silas Clay that was a huge mistake Carlivati made by giving him lousey storylines and then getting rid of him ,Very bad more he is a great actor and every all agreed and are upset about it! also bring Shawn back another one they took off

  6. Helen Conboy says

    I tried to give the new Kiki a chance but it’s just not working. Just not the part for this actress. Either replace her with the original KA or let her go as Silas’s killer. Jason reveal has gotten on my last nerve. Either reveal him or have him killed in the mob shoot out than reveal who he was & that Liz & Nick kept him from his love ones. So over it. Please fix this awful story Ron C stuck Ric in. Make it some kind of undercover thing to nail Madeline. But one move Ron C made I do love is Ric back as DA he always had such great stories as the DA that I hope the new writers keep. Give him more scenes with Molly & a love interest. Meanwhile get rid of Morgan he is such an awful character. & get rid of Franco over him too. Bring back John Todd & Starr. Get rid of Nina. & Madeline also. Love the idea of Scott going back to his roots as a Defense Attorney. Love the idea of DA Ric Lansing & Defense Attorney Scott Baldwin going toe to toe in the courtroom Alexis too.

  7. Cilla says

    I lost interest because it’s taking to long to reveal Jason, and some of the characters have lost their personalities. They’ve gotten to soft or too evil like Nikolas it’s just not the same…

  8. oatty says

    He “praised the work of Haley Erin”? Are you kidding me?
    She is awful. The acting the day she came back from the Bachelorette party, and found Silas dead was so over the top it was laughable. This chick must go!

  9. lisa says

    I’ve always disliked OLTL characters on GH. I’ve only wound up liking Franco. Kiki is horribly overacted and I am so tired of Ava story line. I loved GH in the Luke and Laura heyday but I also loved that they integrated the older characters into their lives…Rick, Leslie, Aunt Ruby…They enriched the story so much. They fail to tell the story of family anymore.

    1. DAVIDA BURNS says

      I agree with you Lisa about the OLTL characters on GH. It was all so stupid. I think Roger Howarth was really raked over the coals. I’m surprised he stuck around for that awful writing he got. I too loved the old characters. I loved Aunt Ruby and the Spencer bunch. Really loved Leslie too. What a great actress she was. Loved the Q’s too especially Alan. All of these families had a story that they brought to the table. Lots of background and depth to them. This silly mob stuff has been stupid all these years. Soaps are suppose to be about love, hurts, joys, scandals. Not murdering. Having characters “die” only to find out they were on an island. Never did like that Cassadine story line. I don’t think the audience today wants story telling and that’s too bad.

  10. Suzanne Most says

    I just want Michael Easton back. Other than that – I DON’T CARE!!

  11. DAVIDA BURNS says

    Do NOT like nuKiki one bit!!! Can’t say why, just don’t. Didn’t like KA in the role either. Talk about a drama queen.

    The Jason reveal is absurd at best. Love Billy Miller but he’s not Jason.

    The Corinthos family reunion is a huge waste of time. Cannot stand Sonny and Carly together.

    Anthony Geary coming back? Why??? That huge send-off he was given was all a waste then?

    The new writers coming on was trying to give emotional depth to the characters on Y&R and the viewers bitched ALL the time until they were fired. Will the GH viewers do the same? It seems the viewers today want entertained instead of being told a story. They complain “It’s too slow and boring”.

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