‘General Hospital’ Interview: Kathleen Gati Discusses ‘Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462’ – Shares Personal Plane Crash Story

'General Hospital' Interview: Kathleen Gati Discusses 'Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462' - Shares Personal Plane Crash Story“General Hospital” vet Kathleen Gati [Dr. Obrecht] stars in AMC 16-part web series called “Fear the Dead: Flight 462.”  The series launched after AMC experienced an extremely successful pilot season of “The Walking Dead” prequel “Fear the Walking Dead” this past summer. Kathleen appears in a way you have never seen the talented actor on the ABC soap. In fact; many fans were shocked to see her in this very different role.

Gati plays a flight attendant on the web series when a zombie virus outbreak occurs in the air. The episodes are extremely short and occur on AMC mobile weekly on the commercial break during “The Walking Dead” new episodes.

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The series is completely fictional, but Kathleen told ABC Soaps in Depth this wasn’t the first time she experienced a turbulent experience in the sky. Apparently, her parent’s escaped Hungary when her mother was expecting her and had a catastrophic phone crash, that almost claimed their lives!

Kathleen said, “When I was Minus-eight months old, my parents were escaping a revolution in Hungary and on their way out- they were in a horrific plane crash. They crashed in a cornfield in Germany, and several people died. My mother did not even know she was pregnant with me. I guess I had a very survival instinct because usually, you’d miscarry in that kind of shock and tragedy. My mother was in a sanatorium for about three months and just could not recover. My father collapsed in a coma. I have lived with this my whole life. Every time I board a plane, the religious side in me comes out [and I pray]”

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