‘General Hospital’ (GH) Spoilers Week Of October 12 – 16: Dillon Kisses Lulu – Spinelli Helps Sam & Jake, Finds Cassadine Secrets – Alexis Believes Leo Is Alive

'General Hospital' (GH) Spoilers Week Of October 12 - 16: Dillon Kisses Lulu - Spinelli Helps Sam & Jake, Finds Cassadine Secrets - Alexis Believes Leo Is AliveLies, babies, intrigue and amnesia storylines this week in Port Charles – here are some ‘General Hospital’ spoilers for Monday October 13 through Friday October 17 episodes of the ABC soap.

On Monday, Lulu Spencer [Emme Rylan] is offended by Dillon Quartermaine’s [Robert Palmer Watkins] uninvited affections when he grabbed her for a kiss. Dillon knows that Dante Falconeri [Dominic Zamprogna] cheated with Valerie Spencer [Brytni Sarpi] but Dillon doesn’t get a chance to spill the beans about the one night stand before Lulu rejects him and leaves angry. Later, Valerie and Dillon bond over their dual rejections by Dante and Lulu.

Will they plot to break up the Falconeris so they can have who they want or will they both give up? The former. Also, Kiki Jerome [Hayley Erin] has a throw down with her mother Ava Jerome [Maura West] at the bar and tosses a drink in her face. Later, Kiki turns to Franco [Roger Howarth] and Nina Clay [Michelle Stafford] for comfort and support. Nina needs reassurance from Franco that she’s a priority for him and they both demonstrate vulnerability.

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On Tuesday, Sonny Corinthos [Maurice Benard] takes sons Michael Quartermaine [Chad Duell] and Morgan Corinthos [Bryan Craig] to task for going behind his back with the family business. He’s angry that Michael went to the 5 Families mob meeting and spoke for him. But is it because Sonny wants the boys safe or because he’s not willing to give up any power? This argument won’t go Sonny’s way and no doubt Michael will stay in charge of the syndicate for now.

Sabrina Santiago [Teresa Castillo] reveals to Felix DuBois [Marc Samuel] that she’s pregnant but doesn’t want to tell Michael yet because of the mob madness. Tracy Quartermaine [Jane Elliot] overhears but what will she do with this information? Julian Jerome [William deVry] tells Alexis Davis [Nancy Lee Grahn] about Olivia Falconeri’s [Lisa LoCicero] newly adopted son but Alexis doesn’t buy this for one moment and tells Julian that’s his son Leo and to not be naïve. 

On Wednesday, PCPD Commish Jordan Ashford [Vinessa Antoine] has questions for Anna Devane [Finola Hughes] about Carlos Rivera that make Anna very uncomfortable. Does Jordan suspect that Anna had a hand in Carlos’ disappearance or perhaps suspect that Carlos is not missing but dead? Also at the PCPD, Nathan West [Ryan Paevey] says he’s sorry to Valerie about assuming the pregnancy test was hers and that she was hiding a baby from Dante.

Nathan’s GF Maxie Jones [Kirsten Storms] is on set with Dillon when they make a surprise discovery. Do they see the backstage footage that the intern shot where Dillon and Valerie discussed her one-nighter with Dante? If so, Maxie will be shocked. Is Dillon so hurt by Lulu’s rejection that he reveals to his co-starlet that her BFF’s hubby cheated with Valerie? And how mad is Maxie going to be when she realizes Nathan knew all along?

On Thursday, Damien Spinelli [Bradford Anderson] shows up back in Port Charles and Sam Morgan [Kelly Monaco] enlists him to help in the investigation into Jake Doe’s [Billy Miller] identity. The info Sam and Jake stole from Nikolas Cassadine’s [Tyler Christopher] laptop needs someone who can decrypt data. But it looks like Sam and Jake may have uncovered far more Cassadine secrets than Jake’s identity.

Lulu goes to her doctor visit then had good news to share with Dante. Did she find out she can carry a baby? Did she go ahead and have the last embryo implanted? That would be bad what with the cheating news breaking soon… Also Maxie and Nathan still aren’t coming clean with each other about what each other knows about the Falconeri marriage problems. Will Lulu and Dante’s mess foul up Maxie and Nathan’s romantic bliss?

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On Friday, Paul Hornsby [Richard Burgi] has more evil deeds that he wants Ava to do. Ava, as always, is resistant to being ordered around, but Paul will pressure her and she’ll have no choice but to cooperate. Paul also has questions for Anna about the recent violence in Port Charles as he lays the groundwork for framing her for him murdering Kyle Sloane [Robb Derringer]. Will Anna have an inkling of what Paul has planned for her?

Liz Webber [Rebecca Herbst] is concerned about Hayden Barnes [Rebecca Budig] and demands she tell her what she knows about Jake. Hayden also has questions for Liz about what she’s trying to pull and about Liz’s scheming with Nikolas Cassadine [Tyler Christopher]. Hayden will upset Liz. Hayden has questions for Patrick Drake [Jason Thompson] about her memory loss and Nikolas offers Hayden a job to keep her busy, but what does he have in mind for her?

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