‘General Hospital’ (GH) News: Michelle Stafford and YR Star Kelly Sullivan Answer Fan Questions on Periscope

'General Hospital' (GH) News: Michelle Stafford and YR Star Kelly Sullivan Answer Fan Questions on Periscope

Michelle Stafford (Nina, “GH”) and her best friend, Kelly Sullivan (Sage, “Y&R”) posted a Periscope on Stafford’s Twitter. The duo answered fans questions while they struggled to keep the phone aimed at them. Natalia, Stafford’s daughter, kept grabbing the phone and pointing it at herself.

Kelly Sullivan was amazed by the Periscope experience. She quickly signed up for her own account while she talked to “General Hospital” fans. One question fans kept asking Sullivan was, “Is Connie really gone on “GH?” She replied, “Connie is dead. She is in a body bag, baby!” Michelle piped in and said that Kelly is bound by a contract with “Young and the Restless” and can’t work for “General Hospital” right now. The fans were excited to see the both of them and continued to beg Kelly to come back to the show. Michelle then told her fans, “but you guys have me, now.’”

Michelle was amazed that her fans referred to as Nina and asked how Franco was doing. She said, “You guys know that I am not really with Franco. He is pretend and not real life.” She seemed genuinely annoyed that her fans couldn’t tell real life from the show. She brought up a very interesting point. Soap opera fans seem to have a hard time telling fantasy from real life. Just like you may work for Target, she works for “General Hospital.” She is only playing a part the show gives her to play, she doesn’t have control over the material written for Nina Clay. If you are truly upset about the direction of one particular character, you should contact the writers for the show, not the actors.

It can be hard as a fan to tell the difference between the star and the character on the show. Fans have to put it in perspective and realize that the actors are people too. It is never okay to bully or insult anyone on social media; that includes the soap opera actors. While Michelle Stafford was not being bullied or insulted, she clearly couldn’t understand why people didn’t understand that her acting and real life are separate.

Do you miss Connie on “GH?” Are you able to separate the actor from the character they portray on a show?

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