‘General Hospital’ (GH) Interview: Richard Burgi Dishes On Paul Hornsby’s Takeover And Possible Ava Jerome Hook-Up

'General Hospital' (GH) Interview: Richard Burgi Dishes On Paul Hornsby's Takeover And Possible Ava Jerome Hook-UpMichael Fairman sat down with daytime and film legend Richard Burgi to get his take about his debut as the iconic Paul Hornsby. Paul has not been seen on “General Hospital” in decades. Previously, he was employed by ELQ as a financial advisor. He was married to Tracy Quartermine (Jane Elliot), and they share a son together, Dillion. Paul has expressed that he has plans to rekindle his relationship with his son, Dillion (Robert Palmer Watkins). He’s tried to open the lines of communication with his son, but so far it hasn’t been well received.

Burgi told Michael Fairman that he had no idea the character he would portray until the day he came to film. He said that Frank Valentini called him up and asked if he was interested in working in daytime again. He said he was definitely interested. “I had never watched “GH” before coming on the set. I didn’t pay attention where the character was going- just enjoyed getting to know the great co-stars when I first arrived,” Burgi explained.

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He told Michael that he felt guarded by not getting ahead of himself in this role. He didn’t want to elude that this job would last for a long time. “I really don’t know where this is going, and I don’t know the history of the show, exactly. I have complete trust in Frank (Valentini) and trust he will steer me in the right way,” Richard explained.

Burgi explained that Paul was (possibly) a bad guy and was doing pretty dark things in the background while blaming others for his dark crimes. Richard noted,” I think Paul is one of those guys who had probably a lot of skeletons in her closet, as we all do. He is power hungry and has a sadistic treacherous element to him.” He explained that throughout history, important men had done truly appalling things like Paul killing Kyle Sloane(Robb Derringer), and place all the blame on Carlos Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Pariise).

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He revealed that he had enjoyed portraying Paul. “Paul is a very complex character. I would hesitate to label him as good or bad. He is just as he is supposed to be. He is brilliant and somewhat insane at times,” Richard laughed.  Richard said he has really enjoyed working with Maura West. “It’s been fun working with Maura. She is very talented and watching how she does what she goes has been a treat. She attacks the script head on and delivers a powerful end product so effortless,” Richard said. He hinted that in the future that Ava and Paul will hit the sheets in a steamy encounter.

Richard noted that Paul was sincere about wanting a relationship with his son. “Dillion and Paul barely know each other. They are both grown men and getting to know each other in an interesting father and son dynamic,” he said.

Richard also revealed that once Sonny (Maurice Benard) piece together that Paul was behind the shooting, he will come after him. “Expect an explosive showdown,” he cautioned. “So, far I haven’t worried with Maurice. I have exchanged words with him in passing. It was revealed that Paul shot him, but there will be twists and turns in what led Paul to shoot him. It is truly wonderful daytime TV,“ Richard explained.

As for if Paul’s storyline would wrap up soon, Richard said not to expect him to go anywhere. “I am kind of bouncing all over the place in Port Charles. I am not sure if they are testing Paul to find his place in the town, or if they are not sure where his storyline is headed yet. I am involved with several women and trying to repair my strained relationship with my son, Dillion”, Richard explained. It looks like the “GH” fans should expect to see much more of Paul Hornsby.

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