‘General Hospital’ (GH) Interview: Michael Easton Shocked by Ron Carlivati’s Murder of Silas Clay

'General Hospital' (GH) Interview: Michael Easton Shocked by Ron Carlivati's Murder of Silas ClayAlthough Michael Easton was very low key at the General Hospital Fan Club Weekend and seemed to take his firing in stride, he admitted in recent interviews that he was shocked by the death of his character Silas Clay. Easton told Soaps in Depth magazine, “I’ve been doing this a long time. Anybody can go… Still when it does happen, it catches you off guard a little.”

What also surprised Easton – but on a positive note – was the outpouring of fan love towards him and outrage at the powers that be at his firing. On the subject of the petition fans started to bring him back to General Hospital, Easton said “When I heard that, it was very humbling… It means more than I can express in words when they do things like that.”

Easton also told SID that although he knows that hirings and firings are “just business” at ABC, “You have to admit that you get a little wounded.” Fans are so eager to have more screen time with Easton that they expressed hope that he might go to another soap and the actor admits that “Someone called and inquired,” but says, “I would have to think long and hard about it.”

Easton says for him to go back on a soap, it would have to be an “amazing part… working with amazing actors… and the storyline has a foundation that we’ve laid out for 12 months.” He said definitively that he was not open to a show offer that was more like, “We can fit you in over here and bring your fans over.”

For now, the spare time will give Michael Easton the opportunity to focus on his writing. The soap hottie is the author of a best-selling series of books – Gothic supernatural graphic novels – that are a sensual love story. Easton says his books have what many soaps are now lacking. He said, “One of the things that we’ve gotten a bit away from on daytime is there we’re missing great love stories.”

Easton added, “A great love story trumps everything… I wrote a great love story that spans generations called Soul Stealer… about a guy who lives forever and is searching for the love of his life knowing that when he finds her, she’s going to kill him. But still, he searches.” Michael Easton is swoon worthy and the notion of him writing sexy romance just makes him oh so much hotter.

What was Ron Carlivati thinking when he killed off Silas Clay? We know that Carlivati has never been one to get to know the actors – Anthony Geary said Carlivati never spoke to him even when they sat together at the Emmys and, apparently, Carlivati cared little for Easton either. When he answered fan questions on Facebook about his exit and was told about a rumor that he was one of Carlivati’s favorites, Easton said, “I don’t think that could be further from the truth.” Wow.

Easton added that he would have liked to work with the new head writing time Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman saying, “It would have been nice to see what they might have done with the character but I’m afraid what’s done is done.” No matter how shocked Easton was at his firing and the death of his beloved character Silas Clay, there’s no doubt that fans were even more shocked and heart broken.

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  1. mary soto says

    I have been a GH fan since day one. I truly believe a big mistake was made when

  2. mary soto says

    I have been a GH fan since day one. I’ve even been to Soap Opera weekend at Disney world in Orlando Florida. Please to many wonderful people have been switched out let go but now by letting Michael Eston go I believe they have made a giant mistake. Bring him back from the dead like they have with so many others. I’ve always wanted to be a guest shot on GH when I was in my acting career but something came up and I had to give up everything back then .I do believe he is a big asset and many many fans truely miss him along with the many others who were let go.PLEASE Reconsider your mistake and give him a bigger better more exciting part which is lacking before GH ends up on the chopping block all togeather

  3. Becky Maples says

    Can’t believe Ron fired him, he was one of the best, Hoping the new team will think of a way to bring him back, Loved him as Silas Clay and John McBain

  4. Donna says

    There is always a way to bring some one back & TPTB know that they can bring back Michael Easton if they listen to all of us fans who love him and signed the petition. They just need to get on the ball. And if they don’t bring Michael back I for one will stop watching GH and I hope the ratings go down the toilet!

  5. Angela DiGuglielmo says

    Very very disappointed about Michael Easton leaving GH.

  6. Shelby says

    I hope he shows up on a soap soon, I will miss that magical raspy voice. 🙂

  7. Lisa says

    The petition to bring Michael Easton back to GH was signed by over 14,400 fans who love him and were shocked and stunned that he was fired. He has more talent than any other actor in this genre. I only watched GH because of Michael…first as the beloved John McBain then as Silas Clay. Now that he is no longer on, I hardly ever tuned in. Michael…if you’re reading this…your fans are loyal and we love you.

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