‘General Hospital’ (GH) Comings and Goings: New Handsome Male Character Ash Being Cast

'General Hospital' (GH) Comings and Goings: New Handsome Male Character Ash Being CastIf you thought “General Hospital” would be downsizing with Ron Carlivati out as the head writer, think again. It looks like they put out a casting call for a new character they are referring to as ‘Ash,’ at least for the time being. He is reportedly a man in his thirties, handsome and charming. Twitter immediately picked up on the casting call, and couldn’t help but speculate how the character will fit in Port Charles.

Immediately, fans assumed it could be Lucky Spencer.  It has been rumored for some time that Lucky would be returning again, but Jonathan Jackson was is available to portray him. The show had stated they were looking to recast him as soon as they found the perfect fit. Also, Lucky was married to Liz Webber at one time, so this could be a great way to help her move on when Jason goes back to Sam. Could this finally be a casting call for Lucky?

A few fans posted they were hoping this meant that Michael Muhney would be coming to “General Hospital.” Last year, it was rumored he was speaking to “GH” executives about a possible role. He denied it, of course, but one has to wonder if Ash could be his role. Can you imagine the screens between Billy Miller and Michael Muhney again?

Another possibility is that they need a new man for Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst). Once the Jason (Billy Miller) reveal happens, Jason (Jake) will likely return to his wife, Sam (Kelly Monaco). Elizabeth has already slept with everyone on the show, and some of them multiple times. It is time to bring a new man in town for her to have a fresh start.

So there you have it “GH” fans; who do you think the Ash character could be? Is it possible he is Lucky Spencer? Or, was the role created for Michael Muhney? “General Hospital” will reveal more about the character when they officially select an actor to portray him. Soap Opera Spy will update when more information comes available about the character of Ash.

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  1. betty stanley says

    Oh, if only Michael Muhney would be hired. I love MM. He was the best Adam Newman ever on Y&R. When he and Billy Miller left I stopped watching Y&R and have been watching General Hospital ever since. I enjoy General Hospital. Better writing than the other soaps. I love Maura West, Michelle Stafford, Billy Miller and my favorite actor is Michael Muhney. He is not only good looking but so talented. He draws you in and can play bad so good. He is so funny on Twitter. A very smart person. He shares his beautiful wife and children with the world and his fans love him. I support him wherever he goes. Would love to see his gorgeous, talented self back on my tv screen weekly. He could play any role they gave him and be fantastic with it. He could play a mobster, doctor, good guy or bad guy. Please MM apply for the job. Make all your fans happy. We have waited long enough to enjoy your talented self again. Please, Please, Please go to General Hospital.

  2. Lily says

    GH is my favorite show on day time I love to Sam an back together since Elizabeth been lying to everyone About Jason

  3. lousister broussard stevens says

    I juat wish he jake/jasn story would end already. Jaons identity really needs to be revealed soon

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