‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Hope Gets Arrested, Ciara In Danger – Rafe To The Rescue

'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Hope Gets Arrested, Ciara In Danger - Rafe To The Rescue“Days Of Our Lives” spoilers tease that Hope Brady [Kristian Alfonso] will be arrested after she takes up a revenge plot to avenge Bo Brady’s [Peter Reckell] death.  Imagine her horror, when Hope is faced with the very real possibility that she could be locked up with some of the same misfits she helped put away.

No one can deny the fact that Bo’s death was hard for Hope to process. He had just returned to Salem after he was ripped away from her, again–and this time, he has no possible way of coming back. Hope’s poor decision making caused her to make a near-fatal mistake—she makes a deal with the devil, Dr. Malcolm.

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Adding to Hope’s stress, her daughter, Ciara [Lauren Boles] is acting rather impulsive and needs her mother to guide her in this difficult time.  The spoilers hint that Ciara may need Hope not only to guide her in this confusing time but to rescue her from making a HUGE mistake.

CBS Soaps in Depth teased that Hope could find herself back in a corner and will have to risk everything to save her daughter from danger. Will the recent trouble Ciara found herself in, be too much for Hope to handle, considering she is still grieving for Bo Brady?

Rafe [Galen Gering] hands are tied, and Hope’s action forces him to arrest his former partner for murder. Rafe becomes riddled with guilt thinking about the promise he made his good friend, Bo to look after Hope and Ciara. It is a complicated situation that brings Rafe a feeling of guilt and confusion.

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Rafe tries his best help Hope and Ciara—and makes Christmas the best it can be considering the circumstances. Will Rafe be able to save Hope from going to jail for taking the law in her own hands? Can he help Hope save Ciara from danger?

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  1. Blue says

    Not Lauren Boles, you mean Vivian Jovanni. Even though I miss Lauren ?

  2. Lia says

    I wish Rafe would leave Hope alone, and focus on his sister and father. I do not want he and Hope becoming a couple under any circumstance, because he can do much better. I hate the new Ciara. Would have much rather seen Lauren in the role when Bo returned, and now when Ciara was kidnapped. Why couldn’t they have allowed those child actors grow with the characters? As for Hope, I’m sick of her. What cop hands over their weapon and badge to commit crime, and then returns to work? She moved too fast to go after Bo’s killers, and it just makes me unsympathetic towards her.

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