‘Days Of Our Lives’ News: 10 Things About Kayla And Patch’s Romance Every ‘DOOL’ Fans Should Know

'Days Of Our Lives' News: 10 Things About Kayla And Patch's Romance Every 'DOOL' Fans Should Know“Days of Our Lives” super couple Steve “Patch” Johnson (Stephen Nichols) and Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans) never had an easy road to romance. Everywhere Patch and Kayla turned there seemed to be a roadblock, something to keep them from finding their happily-ever-after.

Family, illness, prison and death – all of these things have come between Kayla and Patch. The couple is back in Salem and moving toward a possible reunion. Will all the demons that repeatedly kept Patch and Kayla apart come back again? Or will the romance be rekindled? Here are 10 things “DOOL” fans should know about Patch Johnson and Kayla Brady’s love story.

10.   Patch came to Salem with a score to settle with Bo Brady (Peter Reckell), Kayla’s brother: When Steve and Bo were Merchant Marine’s together Bo gouged out Steve’s eye during a knife fight. The argument was over a woman named Britta Englund with whom both men were in love.

'Days Of Our Lives' News: 10 Things About Kayla And Patch's Romance Every 'DOOL' Fans Should Know9.  Kayla pursued Patch: Even though Patch was a bad boy with a criminal past, good girl Kayla was determined that they would be together. The more Steve pushed Kayla away, the more determined she was to be with him – Kayla truly believed they were meant to be together. Patch was in love with Kayla but troubling memories from his past caused him to keep pushing her away.

8. Kayla was hired to care for Jack Deveraux when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin disease. At the same time Steve and his sister Adrienne discovered that Jack was their long lost brother. Jack had fallen in love with Kayla so Patch pushed her away once again in hopes that she would return his brother’s feelings. The plan worked, Kayla married Jack.

'Days Of Our Lives' News: 10 Things About Kayla And Patch's Romance Every 'DOOL' Fans Should Know

7.  Patch discovered someone was trying to poison Kayla and he kidnapped Kayla to protect her. While on the run the couple made love for the first time. As the couple conducted a clandestine affair, Kayla’s husband Jack decided to run for office. Steve convinced Kayla to stay married to Jack until after the election. But an unscrupulous photographer took pictures of Steve kissing Kayla on New Year’s Eve and tried to use them to blackmail Jack. Deveraux became so enraged after seeing he photos that he raped Kayla.

6.  Kayla and Steve married but the marriage was not valid. Patch’s presumed dead wife Marina showed up in Salem. Kayla was pregnant with the couple’s first child at the time. Marina turned up dead and doctored videotape evidence got Kayla ten years in prison. Eventually it was discovered that the evidence was fraudulent – Marina’s sister Isabella remembered that she had killed her sister during a violent altercation.

'Days Of Our Lives' News: 10 Things About Kayla And Patch's Romance Every 'DOOL' Fans Should Know

5.   Patch and Kayla were finally legally married in 1990. But the couple’s happiness wouldn’t last. Steve was caught in an explosion meant to kill Bo. Though Patch did survive he ended up in the hospital where his IV was poisoned and Patch died. However, an empty coffin was buried.

4.   Suffering from amnesia, Steve Johnson returned to Salem at the insistence of his brother Jack Deveraux. Unfortunately Patch had no memory of Kayla but the couple tried to stir up old memories. However Steve pushed Kayla away and took up with Billie Reed, a race car driver.

3.   A near death experience brought the Kayla and Patch back together even though Steve still had very few memories of loving Kayla. The couple headed to a bungalow where they had hidden from Victor 20 years before. Steve began to have flashes of memory and as they became more intense Patch yelled out “I remembering loving you!”

'Days Of Our Lives' News: 10 Things About Kayla And Patch's Romance Every 'DOOL' Fans Should Know2.   Kayla faced death yet again. The couple’s son Joseph was born three months prematurely in 2008 and Kayla nearly died during the labor and delivery. Kayla was shot in a hostage situation in 2009. The couple officially left Salem in the spring of 2009.

1.  Patch left Kayla to join an ISA mission and she returned to Salem alone in 2011. It took some time but Kayla revealed that she and Steve had been fighting for months because he missed the adventurous life. Kayla filed for divorce in 2012, but as of late 2015 it was still pending.

“DOOL” fans were excited when Stephen Nichols returned to the daytime drama. Kayla and Steve are headed for a reunion – unless Patch’s ex Ava Vitali comes between them again.

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