‘Days Of Our Lives’ Interview: Ken Corday Reveals Real Reason Behind Peter Reckell’s ‘DOOL’ Exit, Bo Brady’s Death

'Days Of Our Lives' Interview: Ken Corday Reveals Real Reason Behind Peter Reckell's 'DOOL' Exit, Bo Brady's Death‘Days Of Our Lives’ fans were thrilled when spoilers revealed that Peter Reckell was returning to ‘DOOL’ as the iconic character Bo Brady – but it quickly became clear that his return would be brief.  Not only was Peter Reckell’s big return quite short, but the ‘DOOL’ writers actually killed the character off with a brain tumor, which made for some heartbreaking scenes with his long time love interest Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso).

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Days of Our Lives‘ fans were baffled, why would the ‘DOOL‘ writers finally bring Bo Brady back just to kill the character?!  Executive producer Ken Corday say down with Soap Opera Digest to set the record straight on the writers’ shocking decision, it turns out that Peter Reckell was the driving force behind killing off Bo Brady.  According to Corday, when Peter Reckell discussed his big return he made it very clear that it was only temporary and he had no desire to come back full time in the near future.  So, it seemed logical to kill the character of Bo off for good, rather than sending him off the canvas again and having fans constantly wondering when he would be back.

Ken Corday dished to Soap Opera Digest, “After discussions with Peter, we knew it was only going to be for a very limited time.  Thus, the decision was made amongst all of us that it was best to bring Bo and Hope’s relationship to closure. It wasn’t done cavalierly like ‘Oh, let’s kill Bo.’ But, Peter was being very straightforward that he wasn’t going to return to the show anytime soon, s we made the decision to really kill the character.”

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Corday added, “If viewers are upset, I ask them to understand the outside factors that weigh here. I would love to have Peter on the show for years to come, but that’s not going to happen. [And] we’re not going to recast. So, it was clear what our route was. We need to move Hope on. And we can’t do that with Bo still alive. It’s impossible.”

Hopefully, Corday’s explanation can answer some of ‘DOOL’ fans questions about Bo Brady’s death – and give them a little bit of closure.  Were you shocked when Peter Reckell’s character was killed off last week?  Let us know what you thought in the comments below!

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  1. Maria says

    Ok I get that he doesn’t want to return right now but in the future he would have…that’s at least how it sounded to me. So rather than bring him back to kill him off…leave him off the show for longer. Hope moved on just fine and they could have rewritten the Aiden part. It didn’t sound to me that Peter said he has no interest in the show any longer…just not for the time being. Why that means automatic death I don’t know. Too sad cause now he can’t come back…the door is closed. I guess they can always pull a Dimera and bring him back when he’s ready:))

    1. wanda says

      I get he doesn’t want to continue but we watched no n hope become one of the beloved couples be a big hit n now we have to say good bye to no he’ll no I don’t want to I want no backhoe is nothing with out bo bring him back

  2. Marge Fout says

    I have been a fan of Days of Our Lives since it first begin, an I cannot believe you killed Bo off!!!! Why couldn’t you have replaced him with a new Bo? At least till he decided to return full time. It was so heart breaking to watch one of the best actors you had on the show to be killed off. An I agree I never saw where Bo said he wouldn’t ever come back .

  3. Shannon says

    I was in shock and balled my eyes out hyperventilating and all I have watched this soap for 24 years losing someone is like losing one of your own grown to love them so yah it’s very sad but I do understand that Bo (Peter) has a life of his own besides DOOL his wife he’s 60 which looks amazing wants to retire and spend the time with family I wish him the best of luck

  4. KT says

    Bo has always been a big part of the show! They should have gotten a replacement as they did years ago so we still have the character. We need a couple who’s love lasts for years.

  5. Lisa says

    Ok so they HAD to kill Bo off but couldn’t they have at least waited until after the holidays….. Let him and his family enjoy this time together for the last time.

  6. Kelly Mosher says

    I knew that Peter didn’t want to come back.I, personally am okay with his decision. I’m grateful that Peter wanted he gave Hope closure so she could move on with her life. I would love to see Rafe be Hopes new love interest. Peter will always be a great actor and I know he wants to be a great dad to his daughter.

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