‘Days of our Lives’ (DOOL) Spoilers Week Of Aug 24: Aiden Proposes, Hope Hesitates, Does She Have Real Feelings For Rafe?

'Days of our Lives' (DOOL) Spoilers Week Of Aug 24: Aiden Proposes, Hope Hesitates, Does She Have Real Feelings For Rafe?“Days of Our Lives” spoilers for next week are in, and boy are they juicy. It looks like Aidan (Daniel Cosgrave) is planning on proposing to Hope (Kristian Alfonso) in order to solidify their relationship. He fears that working with Rafe (Galen Gering) will eventually come between them. To his surprise, Hope is hesitant to say yes to him. His face told the whole story; he is worried he could lose Hope forever.

Fans have speculated for some time about Aidan’s past. The only part of his past that he has revealed to Hope was that his wife passed away. It is the general census on social media that he is hiding something. Many fear he could have killed his wife or possibly left his wife. That would leave it open for the show for the presumed dead wife to come to Salem to wreak havoc on his relationship with Hope. What do you think is Aidan’s secret?

On Aug. 19, Clyde (James Read) put Aidan on warning by attacking him. He put a mask on and beat the daylights out of him. Aiden knew it was Clyde that attacked him, but he lied to Hope and told her he was robbed by an unknown man. What possible reason would he have to lie to her about Clyde attacking him?

Aidan will set up a romantic dinner so he can pop the question. He feels like he needs to propose to Hope right now, to move on with their future together. He feels a sense of anxiety with her working so close to Rafe. When he asks her to marry him, she hesitates. He isn’t sure why she would pause before answering him, but he told her to take her time to figure out her answer.

“Days of Our Lives” spoilers reveal that Clyde will threaten Aidan on notice, according to She Knows Soaps on Aug. 21. Will Hope agree to marry Aidan? Will she find out that Clyde was the one who attacked Aiden? And, what is Aidan’s deep dark secret that no one knows yet? Check back with Soap Opera Spy for up-to-date spoilers, news, and rumors.

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  1. slh says

    Some time back it was revealed that Chase accidentally shot his mother and Aiden covered it up to protect him

    1. Annemarie LeBlanc says

      Many viewers don’t believe that was true.

  2. cheryl says

    Hope looks terrible with those glasses..sure hope the glamour her up some when Bo comes back..really who is doing the hair, wardrobe and makeup on these people? They look so old..please DOOl get it together and have your actresses wearing makeup again with fabulous hairstyles. It has been so drab lately..very depressing to say the least!!

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