‘Days of Our Lives’ (DOOL) Happy Birthday Alison Sweeney – 10 Things To Know About Alison!

'Days of Our Lives' (DOOL) Happy Birthday Alison Sweeney - 10 Things To Know About Alison!“Days of Our Lives” star Alison Sweeney who plays Samantha “Sami” Brady on the popular Daytime Soap is celebrating a birthday today. (September 19 2015) In celebration of her birthday we decided to compose 10 things you need to know about Alison.

Enjoy the list and make sure to head over to Alison’s twitter, RIGHT HERE and wish her a very Happy Birthday!

  1. Alison was born in Los Angeles, California September 19, 1976 and she is a virgo.
  2. Alison is a undergraduate at UCLA, where she took business classes after work.
  3. In addition to swimming and kick-boxing, Alison loves gymnastics.
  4. As a child Alison took voice, piano, violin, gymnastics, tennis, ballet, tap dancing and trampoline lessons.
  5. Alison is an avid reader and particularly loved the Harry Potter series.
  6. Alison says her most annoying trait is that she sounds like a Valley Girl when she talks.
  7. Allison is a published fiction author. Her novel The Star Attraction was inspired by her work as a soap opera star.
  8. Alison has two brothers Sten and Ryan.
  9. Alison is married to David Sanov for 15-years and they have two children together.
  10. Alison television debut was at age five in a Kodak advertisement.

Happy Birthday Alison!

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  1. Sharron Tipon says

    I am so happy I was able to meet Alison Sweeney “several” years ago when she would come to watch many of the guys on Days of our Lives play softball at a park by my house. I have many pictures of her and I together. Will always treasure the pictures and those times. 🙂

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