Y&R Spoilers: Who’s Ashley’s Special Friend In Paris-Secret Psychologist Mystery Man!

The Young and The Restless (Y&R) spoilers and updates pose the question, who’s Ashley Abbott’s (Eileen Davidson) special friend in Paris? Who is that friend-secret psychologist mystery man she spoke of?

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Ashley Abbott Calmed Down

It was definitely a surprise when Ashley was calmed down and seemingly in control after holding her head and telling the voices to stop, then confronting Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John).

She ultimately admitted to Tucker she’d imagined the violent parts of their bistro fight in Paris and that he was right. Viewers were suspicious about her motives and her reasons, but then in the episode of February 23 she offered some clues.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers: Who’s Ashley’s Special Friend In Paris-Secret Psychologist Mystery Man!Ashley mentioned staying behind in Paris where she had a psychologist friend who she talked things out with. She indicated he was a male psychologist although didn’t offer as to how the two got acquainted.

Y & R Spoilers – A Personal Friend, But Who Is He?

Ashley offered that the male psychologist was a personal friend, not someone she had seen professionally but she felt comfortable opening up to him.

That is an important distinction-she has spent a lot of time in Paris, running her Jabot division, might this man be an old boyfriend?

Perhaps he’s someone she dated in the past and possibly could date again in the future, should she return to living abroad; but of course he could also remain offscreen.

Fans complain on social media about so much happening offscreen, so he could just remain a nameless, faceless character, a convenient way to get Ashley to this point.

Even so, one could imagine some dashing Frenchman showing up in Genoa City with a declaration of love and begging Ashley to return to Paris.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Maybe He’s American, Living In Paris?

Ashley’s friend could be an American living in Paris, and could even be someone who’s a character with ties to the show’s history.

That would be an interesting avenue for the writers to explore, a person from the past to have a romance with Ashley.

On the other hand, the psychologist could just be a figment of Ashley’s imagination or someone she made up, thinking could use him to make Tucker jealous.

She doesn’t really seem like she’s invested in making a clean break from Tucker or she wouldn’t be showing up in his suite. Or, perhaps she’s got a plot to get even with him and this friend is part of it.

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