Y&R Spoilers: Claire’s New Friend, Sweet Bond With Child Brings Healing

The Young and The Restless (Y&R) spoilers and updates tease Claire Grace (Haley Erin) has a new friend. A sweet bond with a child from the children’s ward, Nadia (Coco Nation) brings healing and self-acceptance for the troubled Claire.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Claire Grace Is Impressed With The Innocence Of Children And Her New Friend

Claire gets a surprise visit from a child, Nadia, from the children’s ward she visits who apparently feels drawn to her, although Claire’s not exactly sure why.

Claire is impressed with the innocence of her new friend, but rather than bemoaning her own messed-up childhood, Nadia’s innocence and friendship has a different effect.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers: Claire’s New Friend, Sweet Bond With Child Brings HealingAs she’s gone on her walks and her nurses have taken her through the children’s ward and at times to look at babies in the nursery, she’s drawn to them.

Claire realizes how much of a blank slate they all are and how every baby and child has a pureness about them.

She’s thought about how innocent and pure even she must have been before Jordan (Colleen Zenk) kidnapped her from the neonatal intensive care unit as a preemie.

Y & R Spoilers – Nadia Wanted To Share Her Flowers

A visitor Nadia had in the hospital brought her a flower bouquet and the nurse brings Nadia into Claire’s room carrying some flowers.

Nadia wanted to share her flowers with her new friend Claire in a sweet and innocent gesture, because flowers are pretty and they smell so good.

Nadia thinks Claire is pretty and smells good like the flowers and Claire is touched and tries hard not to laugh, as does the nurse.

Claire thinks to herself, oh, if Nadia only knew some of the things that she’d done in her fairly recent past, although she’s accepted it wasn’t of her own volition.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Nadia’s Sweet Gesture Causes Claire Grace’s Realization

Nadia’s sweet gesture and innocence, and the bond they’ve created gives Claire a healing realization-if an innocent child can show her so much love and acceptance, she must be ok.

There has to be some innocence and good in Claire that Nadia can sense, even if she hasn’t been able to in herself and the realization is very healing.

Claire comes to a turning point in her healing because of Nadia’s innocent acceptance of her, and she understands now her parents’ acceptance as well.

Claire now sets herself to learn to accept and love herself, because if she cannot do that, she’ll never be able to love and accept others.

Claire hugs her little buddy and thanks her for the pretty flowers, and the nurse promises to find a vase.

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