Y&R Spoilers: Ashley Abbott’s Clue, Is Tucker McCall An Impostor?

The Young and the Restless spoilers and rumors hint there may be an impostor running around Genoa City.

Ashley Abbott can’t let something that happened with Tucker go.  Could she stumble across something suspicious?  Here’s what’s coming up next on Y&R, spoilers ahead!

The Young and The Restless – Ashley Abbott Will Have Another Tense Encounter With Her Former Lover Tucker McCall

Ashley can’t get past what happened between them in Paris, and their explosive fight.  She saw a dark and violent side of Tucker that rattled her to her core.

Y&R Spoilers – What’s Really Going On With Tucker McCall

Ashley brought up his temper-tantrum once already on Young and the Restless and Tucker downplayed it and pulled a typical narcissistic move and somehow made it seem like it was all in her head.

Y&R Spoilers: Ashley Abbott's Clue, Is Tucker McCall An Impostor?Nothing on soap operas happens on accident.  There’s a reason the writers keep throwing in flashbacks of Tucker smashing the lamp in Paris and scaring Ashley Abbott.  And, there’s a reason he doesn’t show any remorse and won’t own up to his actions.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Is Ashley Abbott On To Something?

The Young and the Restless spoilers have been hinting that something is up with Tucker for a while now.

What if they aren’t turning the character in to a raging woman abuser with violent tendencies?

Maybe Tucker isn’t turning in to a monster after all, and there’s more going on than what meets the eye.

We can all agree that Tucker McCall’s behavior is getting more odd.  Y&R rumors have been floating around hinting that it may not be Tucker at all, but actually an impostor running around Genoa City trying to take down the Abbotts and wreak havoc.

This wouldn’t be the first the the soap dabbled in evil look-alikes, and Tucker is definitely giving us Jack/Marco vibes.

What do you think is up with Tucker?  Could Ashley be onto something and not even realize it?

Let us know what you think in the comments below and keep checking back here for more The Young and the Restless spoilers and news.

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