Yellowstone’s Taylor Sheridan Reveals New Passion Project With No Duttons

Taylor Sheridan
Taylor Sheridan has a new passion project [Image Yellowstone/YouTube]

Meta-tag: Yellowstone may be over, but that isn’t stopping its creator Taylor Sheridan from launching a new passion project.

While Yellowstone star Kevin Costner has a pet project in Horizon, Taylor Sheridan also has a passion project, without a Dutton in sight. Will fans look forward to his new project, or will they skip it after losing their favorite TV family? Read on to find out and also whether this will affect his other projects for Paramount.

Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan has a new pet project

Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan
Taylor Sheridan [Image Yellowstone/YouTube]

While Taylor Sheridan is renowned for the modern Western show, Yellowstone, his new project will change his focus. According to Deadline, Sheridan, along with his Bosque Ranch, is developing a new project. Reportedly, there was “heavy bidding” for the rights of the new story, but the Yellowstone creator won and will write and direct a new passion project.

Moreover, it is based on the S.C. Gwynn novel, Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches. The book dubs the Comanches as the most powerful Indian tribe in American history. Speaking of the project, author S.C. Gwynn is thrilled, saying:

I can’t think of anyone better qualified to bring Empire of the Summer Moon to the screen than Taylor Sheridan. He has a deep and nuanced understanding of both the myth and the reality of the Old West. I am thrilled that he is undertaking this project.

So far, it is unclear whether Sheridan will develop the story as a movie or a series.

About Empire of the Summer Moon

A description for Empire of the Summer Moon reads:

The book is an exhaustive historical account of the four-decade struggle between the Comanche tribe and white settlers to control the American West. Quanah was considered its greatest chief.

However, the Deadline article attracted negative comments, with one reader writing, “This book is a terrible reference and one-sided account. It’s just regurgitating the same old story from the white side and not the Comanche side, adding:

Most Comanches dislike this book and account very much. I wonder if Sheridan will do the same thing Gwynn did and not ask the Comanche about their own story?

Even Texas historians feel this book is journalistic hyperbole and historic one sided fiction. Once again.

Another commented in a similar vein, writing, “The book is super racist and biased against the Native people. Very ignorant and written from the white perspective of History. The author could have easily spoken with Comanches and other tribal people to learn a different perspective of the history. But he didn’t.”

Other Sheridan projects

Matthew McConaughey
Matthew McConaughey [Image @officiallymcconaughey/Instagram]

Meanwhile, Taylor still has to film season 2 of 1923, along with the new Dutton series, 2024, set to star Matthew McConaughey. However, according to rumors doing the rounds in Hollywood, there are salary disputes over the series. Nothing official has been released about the Interstellar star.

Moreover, the Yellowstone creator is working on several projects for Paramount. However, it is unclear where Empire of the Summer Moon will fit in. For those clamoring for Dutton stories, any more sequels or prequels are likely to take a while

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