The Royal Family’s Reaction To The Middleton Debt Explained

The Royal Family's Reaction To The Middleton Debt ExplainedThe Times revealed this week that Princess Kate’s parents, Michael and Carole Middleton, are hundreds of thousands of pounds in debt resulting from the sale of their company, Party Pieces.

They are reportedly struggling to come up with over three hundred thousand pounds in “insolvency firm costs.” Originally founded in 1987, the couple sold the business in May 2023 amid news that the company is sinking into bankruptcy.

The Middleton Family Business May Have Gone Up In Smoke, But They’re Not Broke

For years, Michael and Carole Middleton ran Party Pieces from their home, with the money made from the business going towards paying their children’s school fees and affording a bigger home for the family.

However, once Carole made the decision to sell her 49 percent stake of the company to investors, things started to go downhill.

The pandemic did affect the business heavily, but it may have just been their expensive US rollout that crashed it to the ground.

Speaking to Us Weekly, royal biographer Christopher Andersen revealed that the Middletons still have a lot of assets despite undone business, Party Pieces.

“People shouldn’t make the mistake that the Middletons are broke, because they decidedly are not. Their business went belly-up because of things entirely out of their control, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t got substantial personal assets,” he said.

“In Carole’s case, the party supply business she founded flourished for years until, like so many other businesses, it was undone by COVID. For nearly two years, nobody was giving children’s parties and the lingering effects have been devastating. The entire market for what Party Pieces was selling went straight off the end of a cliff,” he explained.

Royal Family Isn’t “Embarassed” By Failure Of Party Pieces, Royal Expert Claims

“No one in the royal family is embarrassed by the failure of Party Pieces,” Andersen said.
With all that’s going on with the Royal Family at the moment, the last thing on their mind is a failed business.

“Between the king’s cancer battle and Kate’s cancer battle, the last thing they have on their minds is how much the Middletons owe their creditors,” he said. “We have to keep in mind that Carole Middleton is focusing on helping her daughter cope with what is a devastating diagnosis. The future queen has always leaned very heavily on her mother for emotional support and encouragement, and never more so than now.”

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