The Monarchy Will Survive, Despite Naysayers, For This Reason

The Monarchy Will Survive, Despite Naysayers, For This ReasonThe monarchy has been receiving blows left and right in recent times. From Harry and Meghan’s crusade against the institution of the monarchy, even saying its members are trapped and forced to dance for the media, to the death of Queen Elizabeth the II, the shaky accession of King Charles the III to the recent health crisis.

The campaign to end the monarchy has, of course, heightened. The title Prince and Princess of Wales was also in contention at the time, as many insisted it was derogatory to the people of Wales and should not be passed on.

So, with all these things seeming to happen in rapid succession, many are wondering whether the time has come for the monarchy to pack its bags and go. However, royal expert Victoria Arbiter believes it’s still got a fighting chance.

Royal Expert Weighs In On the Monarchy’s Future

Last year, Aljazheera ran a piece that was boldly titled, “Britain’s monarchy is dying and no PR can save it.” It claimed that the people were tired and the press had become “performative.”

It further stressed that the people’s reaction to the Queen’s one year anniversary marked the “dying artefact of a merciless, imperialist past that should be buried – once and for all.”

But it’s 2024 and the monarchy is still here. Struggling, but still here. And if you asked Victoria Arbiter, it is far from being “doomed” as the naysayers are predicting.

Victoria explained: “When we look back over history, the monarchy has survived divorce, abdication, death, reformation, scandal, all manner of things. It will survive this too.”

Even if the monarchy is in crisis mode, Victoria believes our able Princess Royal, Anne, has what it takes to lead it out of these trying times.

She said: “Princess Anne, you could depend on her for anything. She could probably single-handedly run the monarchy, she’s so good at it.”

Touching on the negative press that has enveloped the Royal Family as of late, she said, “The doom-mongers love to say that the monarchy is doomed, because negativity sells. But it’s simply not the case.”

Good to know!

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