Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Admits Shame Over How He’s Acted On The Show

Kody Brown, star of the reality television show, Sister Wives, was recently interviewed with Mormonism Live, where he reveals the shame he feels over some of his behaviors on the series. More on this, below.

“Sister Wives” Star Kody Brown Notes He’s Ashamed Of His Behaviors

During the interview, he talks about what it’s like to have his family conflicts paraded on television.

Kody notes that every time he works, he’s in front of the camera, adding that once or twice during an episode, he’d feel embarrassed; at times, it was over something cute or quaint.

Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Admits Shame Over How He’s Acted On The ShowStill, Brown notes that it got to a point where he would do something he was completely ashamed of.

Kody also discussed the process of dealing with this. He states that he continues to be a man of faith, so his prayers recently have centered around asking the Heavenly Father to assist him in stopping behaviors that he feels shame about.

While Kody notes that Sister Wives is not scripted, he does admit the producers can get “a rise” out of him.

He states that he believes the reason Sister Wives has been so successful is the “habit” of him and his family to be honest and frank, which caused them to cross lines.

He goes on to say if he doesn’t like something, he has a tendency to say something “out of line” as he is triggered.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Being In A Reality TV Series Has Taken Its Toll On Kody Brown

While Kody acknowledges that drama is needed for “good television”, it’s been heartbreaking for him.

Whether he’s lashing out at a fan question or an interpreted behavior of someone in his family, these things have had an impact on him.

He admits that during Sister Wives’s first five years, Kody could watch an episode and smile throughout, or see an embarrassing moment and take it in strides; however, during the latter years, he “almost can’t bear” to watch it, and more recent episodes makes him physically ill.

Overall, he shares, it’s been a sad experience for him.

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