Sister Wives Spoilers: Why Are Garrison Brown’s Friends Reaching Out To TLC To Cancel The Show?

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that friends of Garrison Brown have been urging TLC to cancel his family’s show after his death. Garrison passed away on March 5th from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head and his family was shaken up by his passing. He was only 25 years old and his family is still heartbroken over this loss.

His friends that were close to him have been pushing TLC to cancel Sister Wives because of the impact being on a reality show had on Garrison. Let’s find out more about his friend Bryson Cook and why he is so upset with TLC.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Friends Push TLC

Recently, Bryson shared some photos of him with Garrison when they were on Sister Wives together. They looked extremely happy and it looked as if they were closer than ever in these pictures.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Why Are Garrison Brown's Friends Reaching Out To TLC To Cancel The Show?Bryson captioned them, “You told me you’d always be there for me.I’m mad you left without talking to me one last time. KNOW I’ll get to see you again, and we can hug it out then,, but for now, I’m angry.” He concluded the post with how much he missed Garrison since his passing.

What was very surprising was the hashtag he used to close out the post. He wrote “Cancel Sister Wives” and this led plenty of fans to scratch their heads. Why would Bryson want the show canceled? The speculation began and fans started to weigh in quickly.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Fans React To Bryson’s Post

When fans of Sister Wives saw his hashtag, they assumed that Bryson is trying to get the show canceled because of the mental toll it took on Garrison. Having his life played out on television could have impacted him a lot more than anyone knows.

Garrison had plenty of difficulties while he was on the show and perhaps, Bryson and Garrison spoke about them before his death.

Fans pointed out a myriad of reasons that Bryson could want the show canceled and exploiting the cast members was another reason.

In the past, viewers of reality television shows have seen the cast members’ mental health being affected after being on the show for multiple seasons.

It’s not easy to have their lives invaded by cameras, so this could be one of the main reasons that Bryson is finally speaking out about it.

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