Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Back In Flagstaff, Why?

Sister Wives fans noticed that Meri Brown is back in Flagstaff. In January 2023, she officially ended her spiritual marriage to Kody Brown. Since then, Meri revealed that she has been dating her new boyfriend Amos for the past six months. But fans noticed that she was back to her old stomping grounds. Why?

Sister Wives Spoilers – Meri Brown Returns To Flagstaff

Meri Brown is active on Instagram. She mostly posts selfies and photos from her travels. Last week, Sister Wives fans noticed that she headed back to Flagstaff. They wanted to know her motive behind this trip.

The user mummydal posted on Reddit: “Meri’s back in Flagstaff today… Why?!”

Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Back In Flagstaff, Why?Meri took to her Instagram Stories to share with her followers that she’s stuck in Flagstaff with her dog. The Sister Wives spoilers suggest that she could be back to film with Kody and Robyn Brown.

The future of the TLC series is still unclear. Fans aren’t sure if the show will be renewed since Kody only has one remaining wife. They took to the thread to share their thoughts about Meri’s return.

“Well, if it’s snowing and Kody and Robyn’s driveway isn’t de-icing properly, they will either need Meri or Truely to shovel the driveway and sidewalks,” one fan snarked.

“Especially since Christine took the snowblower. Thanks, Christine!” a third user joked.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Is The TLC Series Filming?

According to the Sister Wives spoilers, Meri Brown was stuck in Flagstaff due to the weather conditions.

However, some fans wonder if she still has to film there despite moving back to Utah. She could still be under contract with TLC.

One fan wrote: “In order to get paid, good or bad they will film.” Another one echoed: “Filming.”

Meri Brown shared more details on her Facebook page. She posted a series of photos of herself with her adorable dog. Meri informed her fans that a “massive snowstorm” left her “stranded in Flagstaff.” The reality star didn’t want to risk it by getting into a car accident.

“My plans were to head to Vegas today, but with the interstate that direction closed, I’ve stayed here and spent the day working on businesses, planning meetings, writing, researching, and of course photo sessions with Miss Zona!” Meri wrote.

Fans still want to know why Meri ended up in Flagstaff. There were rumors that some of the cast members filmed scenes earlier this month. The director of photography shared pictures of the snow in Flagstaff.

What are your thoughts on Meri Brown returning to Flagstaff? Do you think she was filming the show? Sound off below in the comment section.

As always, check back for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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