Sister Wives Robyn Brown Uses Son’s Death For Positive Publicity

Sister Wives Robyn Brown was accused of using her son’s death for positive publicity. Kody Brown’s fourth and remaining wife has received criticism for the way she’s treated her family. She was accused of pushing his other wives aside.

Fans think it was Robyn’s goal to be the only wife in his life. It worked. Kody’s three other wives left him over the years.

A scene from Season 8 has resurfaced on the internet. Viewers shared their thoughts on Robyn’s shady ways. Keep on reading to learn more.

Sister Wives Robyn Brown Uses Son's Death For Positive PublicitySister Wives  Spoilers – Kody Brown’s Wives Left Him

Sister Wives fans have yet to warm up to Robyn. They believe she used manipulation to worm her way into the family. She always found a way to make herself the victim. What also doesn’t help is that she’s always bringing on the waterworks, which led to her nickname, “Sobyn Robyn.”

Robyn Brown’s tears never fell from her face. It was a ploy for people to feel bad for her. She managed to make herself Kody’s main wife.

He pushed away his other wives. Christine Brown was the first wife to leave. She admitted she got burnt out with offering so much of herself to her family and receiving little in return.

Janelle got into an explosive match with Kody. The two argued over holiday plans, which led to the demise of their marriage.

Meri finally realized she was the third wheel in Kody and Robyn’s marriage. She decided it was time to take her clothing business to Utah and leave Coyote Pass behind.

Sister Wives  Spoilers – Robyn Brown Promoted Son’s Tragedy for Publicity

Kody and Robyn Brown started courting in Season 1 of Sister Wives. She quickly became his favorite wife. The rest of his children and wives were pushed aside for a life with Robyn. A photo from Season 8 resurfaced on Reddit this week.

It features Robyn’s oldest son, Dayton, in a hospital bed. He was severely bruised and bandaged. Robyn sat on the bed and smiled at the camera as if they were taking a happy photo together. She even got her hair done before visiting him at the hospital. The OP accused her of using her son’s tragedy for “publicity.”

“I’m on Season 8 and I’m confused…did they think this photo looked authentic or was called for at all? Poor Dayton for being subjected to this horrible stunt,” the user wrote.

“The fact that they photographed a child at an incredibly vulnerable moment is in keeping with their entire parenting M.O. So gross,” one user responded.

“Also, it’s disgusting that she has the time to use a curling iron before rushing to her son’s hospital bed,” another user noted.

Robyn and Kody Brown recently appeared at Garrison Brown’s funeral. Fans saw a photo of the couple looking sad during the service. Once again, they were accused of using the moment to repair their tarnished reputation. It’s also been rumored that Kody and Robyn hired a new PR agent.

What are your thoughts on the photo of Robyn Brown with Dayton? Do you think she used his tragedy for publicity? Or, do you think she has a heart? Sound off below in the comment area!

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