Sister Wives: Christine Brown Is Happy Meri Is Finally Moving On

Sister Wives star Meri Brown recently announced she has a new man in her life, and everyone is thrilled for her, even her former family member Christine Brown.

It’s been a year since Meri announced she and Kody Brown were officially over, now the Sister Wives star is dating Amos Andrews.  keep reading to find out what Christine thinks, and what’s coming up next on TLC Sister Wives.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Meri Brown Is Moving On

Meri Brown stayed in a loveless “marriage” for nearly 10 years after Kody Brown basically dumped her on national television.  It was excruciating to watch her attend Brown Family events and beg Kody for time with her.  Second hand embarrassment is real!

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Is Happy Meri Is Finally Moving On

Even though Christine and Meri were never the best of friends, it sounds like even Meri felt bad for her over the years.

Now that the internet is buzzing about Meri Brown’s new relationship, her former family members are just learning about Amos Andrews too.

It’s no surprise Meri’s announcement took the Browns by surprise, they have all confirmed they haven’t spoken to her in months.

Despite all of the tension over the years, Christine Brown sent her well wishes for Meri and seemed genuinely happy that she had finally found love again.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Christine Brown Congratulates Former Sister Wife

Christine told People Magazine, “We just found out about it, too, on social media. That’s how I found out about it.  I’m just happy for her. So happy for her. That is absolutely awesome. I’m just thrilled for her to be able to be in a romantic relationship.”

Christine added that it is “an incredible thing to feel like you are loved more than anybody else.

David loves me more than anybody else. I love him more than anybody else. It really is a powerful thing to know that you really have your person.”

Do you think Meri Brown and Amos Andrews will last?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and keep checking back here for more Sister Wives spoilers and updates.

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