Shannen Doherty Says Public Figures Are Not Public Property In Message to Princess Kate

Shannen Doherty Says Public Figures Are Not Public Property In Message to Princess KateThere’s been an outpouring of love and support for the Princess of Wales from around the world since she announced her cancer diagnosis in a touching message.

The royal also used the message to address cancer patients and tell them that they’re not “alone” in the scary journey they’re undertaking to getting better.

This has especially struck a chord with actress Shannen Doherty, who has stage 4 cancer, and is trying to quietly recover amid intrusion from the press.

Shannen Doherty Says Everyone Has A Right To “Go Through Illness or Life Privately”

When Kate Middleton announced her cancer diagnosis, there was a sense that she wasn’t ready to reveal it but was however forced to do so due to the extreme public speculations surrounding her recovery. That and her medical records were recently “hacked.”

As a result, Shannen Doherty, and many others who can relate, aren’t happy that all these needles circus had to happen in the lead-up to the announcement.

“Being a public figure does not mean the public owns that person,” the 52-year-old “Beverly Hills, 90210” alum said in an Instagram post. “We ALL have the right to go through illness or life privately.”

“The onslaught of conspiracy theories, ownership, and plain, morbid curiosity forced this person to explain herself before she had come to terms with it and explained to her children,” she sympathized. “I pray this is a learning moment for us all to respect, privacy or others, regardless of being in the public eye.”

“And Princess Kate, I admire your strength through the endless onslaught you’ve been under while going through cancer,” Doherty concluded.

In the video message, Kate Middleton admitted that while she had gone into surgery thinking that her condition was non-cancerous, the medical team soon discovered that it is.

However, she happily hopes to make a full recovery and return to the duties which she confessed to loving so much.

She also took a moment to share her support for all cancer patients around the world. And indeed, no one should go through the journey of recovering from cancer without any form of support.

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