Royal Expert Reveals How Prince William Would React To Prince Harry Returning

Royal Expert Reveals How Prince William Would React To Prince Harry ReturningHarry’s visit to see King Charles earlier this month gave birth to speculations that he may be allowed to return in a temporary role. As most of us already know by now, the King was diagnosed with cancer and is receiving treatments.

The Princess of Wales is still recovering from abdominal surgery and won’t be returning to royal duties until after Easter. This has left the Royal Family stretched to its thinnest, especially since King Charles has opted to operate with a slimmed-down monarchy.

As a result of this, Harry has hinted that he is ready to travel back to the UK to help his family in any way possible whilst his father recovers. Of course Prince William’s response to this was a firm no, and this royal expert fancies she understands how William feels about the whole matter.

Why Prince William Steadily Resists A “Half-in Half-out” Approach to Monarchy

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle opted for a different life abroad, they proposed to be allowed to operate in a “half-in half-out” basis as regards to their royal duties. The Queen steadily resisted this.

Now, it seems that Harry has found his opening to propose for a temporary return, but the Palace reportedly shut it down.

Even excepting all the “insults” Harry hurled at the monarchy and his family, royal author Jennie Bond believes it still wouldn’t be kind to Prince William’s feelings.

“How would William feel?” she asked in regards to Harry returning to fill a temporary role in his family. “William, steadfast William, who has loyally stood by his father, who has stepped up to the plate when necessary.”

She added: “William would feel profoundly hurt, aggrieved. So that’s not going to happen. There’s an element of not letting the little brother have his cake and eat it, isn’t there?”

She concluded: “I think that he sort of shut that door and that’s a kind of coping mechanism of sorts.”

In other news, Prince William is said to be working on a top secret succession plan with King Charles and Harry has not been made privy to any of it. It seems that ranks are about to permanently close on the Montecito-based royals.

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