Revealed: How Much Prince Harry Earned From “Spare” After Receiving $20 Million Advance

Revealed: How Much Prince Harry Earned From “Spare” After Receiving $20 Million AdvanceWhen Prince Harry‘s memoir dropped over a year ago, it broke records and established new highs. Even though celebrities have been penning memoirs since forever, Harry’s was the first to achieve over 3 million in global sales in just a week.

With a $20 million advance payment, you wouldn’t expect anything less would you? Well, let’s just say Harry delivered, and he earned some extra percentages due to the book selling massively.

Prince Harry Reportedly Earned This Much From Paperbacks And Audiobooks

I know you’re wondering, is $20 million all Prince Harry earned from his bestselling memoir? While the number is quite impressive (come on, 20 mil), Harry did earn some extra from the book’s hardcover sales.

On the latest episode of his podcast “The Rest Is Entertainment,” bestselling author Richard Osman delved deep into the numbers that “Spare” moved and what that means for its author.

“I’ve done some back-of-the-envelope calculations because I like to. I know what you get paid per book. [He] got a $20 million advance,” Osman said of Harry’s book, which us already one of the fastest selling nonfiction books of all time.

Apart from the advance, Osman predicted that Harry would have earned a pretty $6 or $7 million based on the sales of the book’s hardback alone.

Now of course, he also made money via “audiobooks and rights to other things.” Since the Prince received a massive advance, the writer of “The Thursday Murder Club” reasoned that most of the sales money would go to the publishing company.

Some have claimed that Harry’s book was not that successful as a result of it selling at discounted prices. However, Osman believes it does not affect the Prince’s royalty (this feels weird just saying it).

“Harry is not making less money if it’s half-price. He makes exactly the same if you charge $28 and if you charge $14,” the crime novelist claimed, per the Daily Mail.
“Also, he sells a lot in America.”

Osman continued, “In America, the royalties are absolutely insane because they pay a lot of money for books in America. So he has made a huge amount of money out of that book. So he’s got money coming in.”

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